A Classic Buying Guide for Cube Storage

October 26, 2021

6 Cube Bookcase Ladder Storage Unit

Some trends make sense. 

That’s how we feel about cube storage. Cubes are 100 percent efficient when it comes to filling a space. They’re simple, elegant, and practical. Side by side, stacked, tucked away—cubes form a perfect fit, and they look good doing it. 

“I was looking for a small but ample storage solution for my small bedroom. This ticks all the boxes. Very easy-to-understand instructions and incredibly easy to put together.”
Karen, Verified Five-Star Reviewer

If you’re looking to optimize your living space, organize your possessions, and add some modern style to your storage methods, cubes are a fantastic option. 

At Laura James, we’re all about interior furniture that’s fabulous and functional. So, we absolutely love cubes. 

In this quick guide, let’s have a look at your modular cube storage options. We’ll start small with single models and work our way up to full-sized nine-cube bookcases. 

Cara Fabric Single Storage Cube Box

a modular single storage unit for holding toys or other small items, great for keeping a tidy living room
Cara Fabric Cube Storage Box - Small - Pink

Starting our list off with the most basic option, here’s the ultimate unit of storage efficiency: a single cube. 

This simple item makes an amazing difference towards achieving your tidy home goals. Stash away the kids’ toys, books, or whatever bits and bobs don’t have their own designated space. 

Single Cara storage cubes are designed to fit into our Cara storage cube units. They’ll also fit into any similarly-sized bookshelf. Thanks to the convenient handle, the cubes work equally well as drawers or as stand-alone storage containers. 

You can mix and match Cara cubes with other items in this guide. Always check the dimensions of both items before planning a cube/shelf combination. 

Our products come in two sizes. Here are the specifications for large and small Cara cubes:

Cara Fabric Cube Storage Box: Dimensions
Dimension Size: Large Size: Small
Height 27.5 cm 24 cm
Width 27.5 cm 27 cm
Depth 27.5 cm 21 cm
Product Weight 8.2 kg 6.2 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 30 kg 25 kg

Two-Tier Storage Cubes Bookcase 

cube shelves, ideal for living room or bedroom storage, available in grey and other colours
2 Tier Storage Unit / White Bookcase

The two-tier Cara bookcase moves us from “box” to “furniture” while keeping things small. It’s great for rooms that need some organizing but have limited space. 

These small but dynamic modular storage units are excellent as a desk substitute for paperwork, as a nightstand or as a wardrobe storage option in a child’s bedroom. 

Dimensions for this bookcase measure 54 cm high by 30 cm wide by 23.5 cm deep.

Four Cube Wooden Bookcase Display Shelves

wooden cube shelf, ideal for holding books, kids’ toys, or other items that you’d like put on display
4 Cube White Bookcase Wooden Display Unit
Shelving Storage Bookshelf Shelves (No Basket)

Four cubes combine to form a compact, perfectly efficient set of shelves. 

This simple, stylish piece packs plenty of storage space but is small enough to fit into tight spots between other pieces of furniture. Use the four cubes for books, photos, or decorations.  

Interior design pro tip: for a symmetrical, patterned look, place similar items in diagonal squares, e.g. books in the lower left and upper right and photos in the upper left and lower right cubes. 

This four cube bookcase measures 61 cm high by 61 cm wide by 30 cm deep. 

Four Tier Cube Storage Unit 

modular furniture for making the most out of tight vertical spaces in living rooms or kids’ bedrooms
4 Tier Storage Unit / White Bookcase

Here’s one that slides neatly into a thin, vertical space, maximizing storage capacity. 

With four drawers, there’s plenty of space to keep things tucked away. The elegant simplicity of stacked cubes makes this product sleek, stylish and highly practical. 

Use this piece wherever the vertical orientation forms a perfect fit: for living room storage, as an office filing cabinet or as extra dresser drawers in a bedroom wardrobe. 

This four-tier storage unit measures 106 cm high by 30 cm wide by 23.5 cm deep. 

Six Cube Bookcase Ladder Storage Unit 

6 Cube Bookcase Ladder Storage Unit - White With Grey Boxes

This ladder-style bookcase features six Cara cube compartments that form horizontally descending steps. 

Choose from three storage styles: 

  • Tuck items away in the cube drawers.
  • Place items in the empty cubes.
  • Display them atop the ladder step surfaces.

Six Cube Bookcase

The nifty design makes for a stylish display. Or, take advantage of the efficient shape—slide the entire shelf under a staircase to maximize all that untapped storage space. 

The ladder storage unit’s dimensions are 91 cm high by 91 cm wide by 30 cm deep. 

Eight Cube Storage Unit With Handled Box Drawers

storage cube furniture, ideal for holding books, toys, and whatever bits and bobs need storage
8 Cube Storage Unit In White & 4 Black Handled Box Drawers

The eight cube storage unit in white with black drawers pairs well with the colour and style of any living room furniture set. 

Arrange the drawers as you like to maximize storage space. Display some items and keep others tucked away in the cube drawers. 

This item is large enough to provide ample storage room but still fits into lots of spaces thanks to the 2x4 vertical orientation. 

The eight cube storage unit measures 121 cm high by 61 cm wide by 30 cm deep. 

Nine Cube Storage Unit / Bookcase

storage boxes in a nine-cube design with four white drawers and four empty storage slots
9 Cube Storage Unit / White Bookcase

The largest item in this guide is the nine cube storage unit/bookcase. 

With three rows of three cubes and four fabric storage boxes, this piece provides ample storage space. 

Broad and tall, but not too deep, place the bookcase against a living room wall. You’ll gain lots of storage space while only losing a thin sliver of usable living space. 

Testimonial from Georgia F.

The nine cube storage unit measures 91 cm high by 91 cm wide by 30 cm deep.

Finding the Perfect Storage Solution

modular storage boxes for keeping neat and tidy living rooms, bedrooms, or basements
6 Cube Bookcase Ladder Storage Unit - White With Pink Boxes

If you’re looking for quick and simple storage options, cubes are a great choice. They tidy up your home in a hurry while adding a bit of style that complements your existing decor. 

All storage cube options from Laura James include full instructions and fixings. Assembly is a DIY breeze, we promise. 

“Very easy to put together, very sturdy and fits lots in. Looks great!”
Sydney, Verified Five-Star Reviewer

Cubes are a great fit in any room. To explore more inspiration for beautiful and functional interior furniture, have a look at our bedroom, living room, and hallway furniture collections.  

Modular Storage Cubes: Frequently Asked Questions

View the full details for any storage cube item on its product page. For some general info, here’s a quick FAQ on our storage cube collection. 

What is Cara fabric? 

The Cara fabric used in our products is a 100 percent polypropylene material. 

In Dimension Measurements, What Do Height, Width and Depth Refer To? 

When a cube product is standing up normally, height refers to the vertical measurement, width is the horizontal measurement, and depth is the measurement from the front to the back. 

What Colours Are Available For Cube Storage Products? 

Colours utilized for cube products include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Pink 

Not all colours are available for all items. Be sure to double-check your selected colour before making a purchase.

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