How Being in Nature Can Help Your Mental Well Being

How Being in Nature Can Help Your Mental Well Being

Nature plays a crucial part in helping calm the mind, getting outside for a walk can have many positive effects. When you take a break from work, it’s good to get outside away from the screen or even just sitting in your garden for 10 minutes away from the demands of daily life, giving you a moment to reset and gather your thoughts for the rest of the day.  

Improving Mood & Activity 

Simply being outside and taking in some fresh air has been shown to reduce our stress levels. These days we are all so connected to our devices, whether that’s scrolling our phones, watching TV or working at a screen for most of the day which in turn can cause mental fatigue and allow us to be overstimulated. Therefore, heading outside can not only physically give us a break but allow us to connect with nature and calm the mind to ease feelings of stress and anxiety. Taking a walk outside will also boost your activity levels, not to mention your vitamin D intake. 

Creating a Garden You Love 

Taking care of plants by gardening and making your garden an enjoyable place will have a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Spending time creating and nurturing a garden that you love will give you a sense of achievement. Making space to relax with comfy bench seating or having a garden dining set where you can enjoy a morning coffee in nature are all ways to build a tranquil space outside for you to go and have a moment of calm.  

Akira Wooden Garden Rope Folding Bench

Using Colour & Natural Materials   

The use of colour in our gardens like mood boosting natural hues including earthy tones, natural materials and textures all help remind us of nature. Choose our natural acacia wood and rope Eaden set to create a relaxing spot. If you have a spacious garden, then the Hali dining set with clay pink chairs is the perfect way to include those earthy colours and elevate your outside haven.  

Hali 6 Seater Wooden Outdoor Dining Set with Hali Pink Chairs - 175cm - Laura James

Over the last few years we have been extending our home décor into the garden such as the use of garden rugs and zoning furniture like modular garden sofas to create an inviting space. With more people working from home, garden offices and pods have become popular, creating a space to work with the view of greenery and nature.  

Ardwell outdoor PET rug - mist grey - 160cm x 230cm - Laura James

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