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Adding Colour to Your Garden

If you love adding colour to you the interior of your home, then there is no reason you cannot add colour to your garden in a similar way. Whether you enjoy bold and bright hues to create an exotic feel in your garden or prefer muted or subtle hints of colour, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the shades you love in your garden design.

Garden Furniture 

Just like interior furniture, garden furniture creates a focal point in the garden, a place for people to sit, gather, chat, and relax. Think of your garden as an extension of your home, using a little colour can create a warm and inviting space.

If you want to introduce bright colour then our Indra garden set comes in striking orange and combined with a modern rope design this set will certainly create a focal point in the garden. For something a little more loungey try our Dakota corner sofa with red cushions which can also be reconfigured into separate seating.

Indra garden sofa set - orange
Dakota Wooden Garden Corner Sofa Set - Red Cushions

For more muted garden furniture colours try our gorgeous Hali chairs. They come in natural and black as well as rich olive green and elegant clay pink. These contemporary rope chairs add colour but in a much gentler way. Pair the Hali chairs with a Garden Dining Table to elevate the look.

Amelia 8 Seater Whitewash Wood Black Legs Garden Dining Set - Hali Green Chairs

Flowers Plants & Pots  

If you are new to gardening then planting flowers and plants is a little of bit trial and error, but it is worth giving it a go. Head to your local garden centre for tips and advice on what to grow and invest in a few potted flowers to get you started. Colourful garden pots are another way to instantly refresh your outside space. Our planters make a fantastic addition to highlight your pot plants beauty.

Katie Metal Planters Pair - Tall

Power of Paint 

If you are seeking a burst of colour in the garden this summer, then why not use some paint to spruce up your outdoor area? Freshen up the garden fence with a lick of paint or make over a summer house. If you are feeling particularly creative you could paint a garden wall, flood it with one colour or create your own mural. Remember to use garden paint so that it is weather resistant.


Garden Accessories  

A simple way to refresh your outside space with a few subtle colours and patterns is with garden accessories. An outdoor rug can add a modern pattern, some bright cushions or sofa throws will add a sprinkling of colour as well as texture and softness enhancing your garden furniture.

Ardwell outdoor PET rug - mist grey - 160cm x 230cm

Consider lighting in the garden, try a string of festoon lights over a pergola, or coloured garden lights dotted along the fence or solar lights along the path. There are plenty of ways to add colour be it small and subtle or big and bold, just be creative and make the most of your garden space this summer.


For more garden inspiration follow our Pinterest page.  

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