Where is my order confirmation email?
If you cannot find your order confirmation email within your inbox we suggest that you check your spam/junk folder. Most commonly if you cannot find your order confirmation email within your main inbox you will find it within the spam/junk folder. However, if it’s not in there could it be that your email address has been typed incorrectly? You can contact our customer service to have this rectified.

I have just placed my order, when will I receive it?
You can find your delivery time scale on the product page by clicking on the tab ‘Delivery Time’.

I ordered an item which has a delivery on or before date, when will I receive my order?

If the item shows a delivery on or before date, this indicates that it is on pre-sale and is currently on its way to our warehouse. The item will be delivered to your door on or before the date specified.

For example, if the item says delivery on or before 4 November, delivery will occur on or before the 4th November. If the delivery on or before date changes after you have purchased and we haven’t contacted you, your delivery date range remains the same as originally stated at the time of your order.

The delivery date range for an item has changed, does it mean my order is delayed?
Unless we have contacted you, this date has not changed for your order. Any new delivery dates that appear on the item after you have placed your order is only relevant for new customers. We will dispatch your order once our stock has been booked into our warehouse and delivery will occur within the date range as originally stated at your time of purchase.

An item is out of stock, and it doesn’t have a delivery on or before date, when will you be getting more?
We encourage you to enter your details into the ‘Notify me when this product is available’ section so that we can email you when the product is either available, on pre-sale or soon to be available. If the item is a garden furniture set, it is very likely that we will be doing pre-sales within the summer period.

If the item is not available to purchase, and doesn’t have a delivery date, this means that we are likely to receive more stock within the next few weeks. Ensure you enter your details into the ‘Notify me when this product is available’ section to be updated.

My order hasn’t arrived, what should I do?
If you are still within the time scale advertised on the product page, there is nothing to worry about. Our couriers may take a few days to update the delivery status on their tracking system, but most of our deliveries are being delivered on time.

If you are a day after the time scale advertised on the product page, we suggest that you contact our customer service team so that they give you more information, or investigate this with our courier.

Once we inform our courier that the item hasn’t been delivered they will do a thorough warehouse search to retrieve your order. If the courier advises that they haven’t been able to locate the item then the rest of the investigation will be done separately and we will be able to offer you a suitable resolution.

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