6-8 Seater Dining Tables

Gather your family and friends around a Laura James 6 to 8 seat dining room table. These beautiful and versatile dining tables are the perfect size for hosting family dinners, get-togethers, and small parties. With contemporary and classic design, Laura James Tables will fit in any dining room or kitchen.

Choose the perfect shape or size 6-8 seater dining table

Laura James offers a wide range of styles and finishes, from oak finished tables to veneer finishes in a wide range of colours, from oak, whitewash, black or white for a neutral look home.

Room for All: The Ultimate Solution for Large Gatherings

Laura James 6 - 8 seater extending dining options come with a handy extendable feature. Neatly tuck away the centre leaves for intimate family dinners, or extend them out up to two leaves for larger gatherings at seasonal events!
For the perfect 8 seater dining table and chairs shop our Amelia and Magnus range. Combine with our Edward chairs collection, the Amelia and Magnus make a stunning dining table sets for 6 - 8 people. Laura James sturdy construction ensures lasting durability for all larger tables. If you need to seat any extra guests, our extendable dining room tables are perfect for adding two more. Alternatively if you are looking for a smaller dining set for 4 or larger dining set for 6 or more table visit our 4-6 seater table or 8-10 seater table collections.

Discover the Perfect Chairs to Complement Your Dining Table

Pair your 6 or 8 seater dining table with the ideal dining room chairs. Introducing our exquisite collection of wooden chairs, designed to complement any occasion with their timeless charm. Choose from a stunning array of back designs, including the elegant spindle back, the gracefully curved armchair back, and even the traditional woven seat pads. For those seeking ultimate comfort and versatility, our upholstered chairs in luxurious velvet or soft linen are the perfect choice. Opt for the captivating blue velvet chairs to make a bold statement and elevate your dining set, or embrace the warm and inviting atmosphere with the oatmeal linen chairs, adding a touch of cozy elegance to your dining room.

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