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Creating a Colourful Home with Laura James

Decorate your home for Spring by injecting some colour into your interior décor. Whether you want to lift a room using a lighter colour palette or seek out some dramatic dark tones then there are a few ways to add colour to your home. The use of colour in your interior style can bring so much personality to your space, like a lot of things it can often be a case of trial and error. But the important thing is to have fun with it, it’s your home after all.

How to add colour

The power of paint is certainly one way to introduce colour, what you paint the walls with can dominate the space. If you want to play with colour blocking, decorating with two bold colours together then you could choose a bright colour for the walls such as green and then use pops of colour like pink with furniture. If your interior style is all about maximalism then a contrasting printed wallpaper on one wall and a brightly coloured wall next to it will stand out. If you prefer something less understated but still want play with colour, then stick to white walls and choose colourful furniture and accessories and let your styling do the talking.

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Peaceful Pastels

The days are already feeling lighter so creating a serene and calming colour palette is perfect for spring. Pastels are an easy way to introduce colour and work well in any room, particularly in the bedroom if you want to create a feeling of calm. Opt for fresh white on the walls or perhaps a pink or peach tone to add a little warmth. Adding plenty of texture with accessories can bring a pastel scheme to life, choosing a pink bed and adding cushions finished with embroidery or velvet will add layers to the pastel party. Complete the room with a few natural inspired touches like dried Pampas grass, a seagrass rug and rattan furniture. These will all compliment a pastel colour palette beautifully.

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Made for Monochrome

Monochrome always looks chic and contemporary. If you start with white walls as a blank canvas you can simply add black pieces of furniture like a sideboard or mirror and then add accessories in black and white such as vases, candles, black frames for photos for a stylish look. Adding a few cushions with neutral or monochrome prints will also add some depth to the design. If you would like to introduce a little colour, then why not try adding some abstract art to the walls to create a focal point.

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Bold Brights

If you’re a fan of colour then opting for a couple of brighter hues in your home is a really great way to have fun with your taste and style. You could select a bright wallpaper or choose a statement piece of furniture like a gorgeous yellow sofa and some brightly coloured cushions for a cool colour clash. Add a few luxurious touches with brass trimmed furniture like a coffee table or cabinet. Stacked colourful books, a neon lamp or statement artwork can all come together to create a beautiful bright home.

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Dark Drama 

Darker walls have been a popular interior style over the last few years. Sometimes people assume that you need to have a large room or space to go dark but actually decorating a smaller room like a study or even the downstairs loo can have a stylish impact. If you don’t fancy going too dark too soon then try painting your kitchen cabinets for a refreshing update or paint a smaller space first. You can still create an impact by choosing colours like deep navy and greens or grey, dark doesn’t always need to be black. If you’re not sure about painting then a room can be transformed with one or two statement pieces of furniture; a dark armchair or sofa with contrasting neutral cushions or a black cabinet with rattan doors. This can help balance out the darker hues but still make a sophisticated style statement. 


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