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Creating A Guest Bedroom with Laura James

Christmas is a time for celebrations and enjoying the company of friends and family. You may be hosting Christmas Day itself or having friends over to see in the New Year. Having your home organised before your friends or family arrive will ensure you can all have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Sofa bed set up - make your space room special

Before your house guests arrive, think about where they are going to be sleeping. Do you have a spare bedroom that needs a little TLC? Perhaps a home office that can double up as a guest room or a sofa bed in the living room. Whatever the room try to declutter as much as possible to ensure the room is guest ready. Nobody wants to share a room with drying washing or boxes of stuff stacked up in the corner. Donate unwanted items to charity and choose a storage solution for anything that does need to remain in the room. If you have a spacious guest bedroom, then an ottoman bed is perfect for this; plus you can store away extra pillows and bedding if needed. A trunk or blanket box is also useful as it can also double up as an extra surface or bedside table. Consider clever storage if you have an office come guest room and keep any work admin, cables and tech hidden in a cabinet or bookcase. You could even add a screen or room divider to create different zones in the room if the space allows.

The Una double sofa bed is a great choice for a home office that also needs to accommodate staying guests. Available in four different colours, green, mustard yellow, grey, and blue this chic velvet sofa is perfect for any room or living space. When it’s time for bed, your guests will be able to unfold and transform it from a sofa into a double bed with ease. To add a pop of colour to the space then go for the yellow or green sofa bed or for a more subtle look opt for the blue or grey. If you have a smaller room but still need to accommodate a guest then the Una single bed is ideal, it’s available in the same colours and neatly folds up into a stylish velvet chair.

Little Touches - style your space to suit your guests

Your guests will most definitely appreciate any extra storage for them to store their clothes, particularly if they are staying for longer than a night or two. Think about freeing up some space in a wardrobe, having a clothes rail with a few sturdy hangers or even just a couple of drawers will be useful. For a hotel touch why not leave a few toiletries in the room, for your guests to help themselves. This could come in handy if they happen to have forgotten something. Remember to free up plug sockets for use and having the Wi-Fi code visible always helps.

Put your interior skills to good use by styling the rest of the room, think about new bedding with a few decorative cushions and throws. Add a house plant or fresh flowers on the bedside table and a gorgeous smelling room diffuser to complete the room. Creating a gallery wall with your favourite pieces of artwork will add some interest and make it feel less of a spare room and more of a guest bedroom. Your guests will never want to leave!

A Warm Welcome - make your guests feel at home

Create a home from home atmosphere for your friends and family. After a long journey there’s nothing better than entering a warm and relaxing environment. Have your home smelling lovely with festive candles and show them to a tidy and uncluttered space where they can unpack and relax. Your guests may want to have a rest after travelling or freshen up and get changed so have the beds made ready and plenty of spare towels to accommodate their needs.

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