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4 Inspiring Decor Ideas to Complement Your Crushed Velvet Bed

Crushed velvet beds have a lot of potential in interior design. 

Whether you want to decorate in the lush glam style, want a fairytale-inspired bedroom, or want to create a simple minimalist look—you can do it all with velvet.  

Your velvet bed is a powerful piece that forms a base to create an elegant moody environment.  

Yet, how do you work around this statement piece in your bedroom? 

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a grey, champagne or black crushed velvet bed from our collection, the bed is your starting point in bedroom interior design—you can build around your bed to showcase your style, design taste and personality.  

Choose your aesthetic first, then experiment with colours, unique furniture, accessories, and finally, add personal items to make the room your own.  

We’ve broken down a couple of decor ideas that’ll inspire you and help you include the right bedroom elements to turn your house into a home. 

#1 Dark Moody Bedroom With Black Velvet Beds 

black, grey, and white bedroom with crushed velvet bed in the centre
Black Crushed Velvet Sleigh Bed Frame Double

Dark, moody bedroom designs create relaxing, modern and elegant spaces. The key elements of a moody bedroom design are:   

  • A dark colour palette (on walls and furniture)
  • White contrasting details (mini sculptures, duvets, divan, bedside tables)
  • A gallery wall (featuring your favourite art or personal photos)

It might seem counterintuitive, but a dark palette works with dark furniture and dark walls. Then, everything you put in front of the dark palette should have a a light colour (from bedding to carpet). This will allow it to stand out. 

Make sure that you have contrasting furniture (e.g. white bedside tables, pillows or blankets) and accents such as golden or metal details on accessories to create a more elegant interior. 

Expert Tip: To achieve a cohesive and intentional look, consistently use one accent colour (gold, chrome, silver, white, black). You can add accents with mirrors, picture frames, lamps and vases. 

Remember: a moody bedroom still allows the use of colour. Don’t limit yourself to all black—you can work with dark green, blue or purple too. 

Use this dark green mood board around the black velvet bed for inspiration on accents and colour shades: 

mood board for green moody bedroom

Similar colour variations include: 

  • Dark purple if you want to create a witchy-like room 
  • Navy blue for a cosy contemporary room
  • Chocolate brown to create a dark academia inspired room 

#2 Minimalist Bedroom With Velvet Beds as Focal Points

glamour silver crushed velvet bed
Silver Crushed Velvet Sleigh Bed Frame Double

A minimalist bedroom is an elegant design that calls for essentials only, but it doesn’t have to be basic or unwelcoming. 

To make a room warm and cosy but in the minimalist's spirit: 

  • Keep clutter at a minimum by utilizing storage spaces 
  • Choose only two colours to work with (or shades such as black and white) 
  • Add bedding, pillows, light fixtures, and personal items to make the room look lived in

You can add plants, light fixtures, memorabilia, cosy blankets, and carpet elements to create an inviting room—as long as you don’t clutter the room with too much stuff.

Expert Tip: Create volume with your blankets and pillows to make a room feel and look lived in. Put large and smaller sized pillows on your bed and leave the blanket at the bottom of the bed. 

Meaningful photos and decorations are great to include in your bedroom interior too. They bring out your personality and make the room feel warm.

As David Hicks puts it: 

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”
David Hicks, English Interior Decorator and Designer  


Use this mood board as an inspiration for the essential furniture you should get. Then add personality with blankets, and plants to avoid having a cold and lifeless room:

mood board for black and white minimalist bedroom

Versions of minimalist decor you can create are: 

  • A monochrome bedroom with decor features that are different shades to your bed 
  • A black and white contrasting chess-like bedroom 
  • A simple Scandinavian inspired bedroom 

#3 Glamorous Luxury Bedroom to Highlight Crushed Velvet Bed

Glam bedrooms were a default design when crushed velvet beds first grew popular. To create a lush bedroom, go all out with vanity mirrors, bling details, and bedside tables. 

For a more classy and toned-down version of a luxury bedroom: 

  • Avoid matching furniture—buy each piece from a different collection instead  
  • Add silver or golden accents with mirror frames 
  • Use light fixtures to highlight the glam look 
  • Include lots of mirrors 

mirrored bedside table with a bookshelf
Aleanor Glass Mirrored Bedside Table, 1 Drawer

Expert Tip: Instead of matching furniture that can look overpowering with velvet, buy unique and contrasting pieces to complement the bed and create a variety of shapes. 

Including different materials contributes to your bedroom looking high end and luxurious. Combine velvet with satin or silk linens, soft cotton comforters and a carpet. 

Light fixtures are a way to add accents and create a warm interior. You can also introduce light by using candles or fairy lights. 

Use this mood board as an inspiration to create an elegant, lush room around champagne velvet beds: 

mood board for the luxury champagne room

Different ways you can introduce a bit of glamour is with: 

  • Art deco motifs (chandelier, mirrors, typical patterns for the 20s, etc.)
  • Luxury champagne bedroom with a king-size bed in the centre

#4 Aesthetic Pastel Palette Bedroom 

small double crushed velvet bed in champagne colour
Double Crushed Velvet Sleigh Bed Frame - Champagne

Our lighter crushed velvet beds, such as our grey and champagne beds, go well with light pastel tones. The key to this style is choosing your pastel colour shades and combining them with natural elements such as stone, plants and wood.  

Expert Tip: Work with three colour hues maximum. Use different shades of these colours on elements that you can change, such as bedding and decoration. 

If you choose a couple of colours, it’s easier to achieve cohesive bedroom decor and match colour hues that work together well. 

Mix pastels with earth tones to create a cohesive bedroom interior and avoid the bedroom being overwhelming. 

Painting the walls white, neutral, or in one of the pastel colours can work. 

Add a variety of distinct tones as you decorate as they will blend and make everything uniform. Introduce colour through other furniture and accessories.   

Use this sea and nature-inspired mood board to kick-start your interior design brainstorming: 

mood board for a pastel room with grey velvet beds

With our grey and champagne velvet beds, you can create: 

Bedroom style Key elements
Light pastel room
  • Pastel coloured walls
  • Plants in stone vases
  • Light fixtures with silver accents or fairy lights
Holographic room
  • Neutral or grey coloured walls
  • Decorations featuring iridescent colour
  • Silver accents
  • Unique light fixtures and lamps (e.g. lava lamps, lamps that project stars)

Create an Inviting Relaxation Area

Crushed velvet is already a statement piece. You can keep it simple or employ some of our expert interior design tips to elevate your room.

Your bedroom is your space to wind down at night, and it’s important that you create an area that makes you feel good while bringing out your personality.   

Check out our store for different sized beds (be it king-size or small double) and bedroom furniture that you can use to create a peaceful oasis in your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is a Crushed Velvet Bed? 

A crushed velvet bed is a type of tufted bed covered with velvet that’s been crushed to form a very soft material.  

How to Clean a Crushed Velvet Bed? 

Use soapy suds of fabric detergent with water to gently clean velvet beds. Scrubbing and wet cleaning can ruin them.  

Can You Dye Crushed Velvet? 

You can dye crushed velvet if it’s made of naturally sewn and not synthetic fibres. However, dying crushed velvet should not be a DIY home project—most people take crushed velvet professionals to be dyed.

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