How-to: A Scandinavian Home - Laura James

How-to: A Scandinavian Home

Create a calm and beautiful home inspired by Scandinavian designs following this quick and easy guide. 


The Scandinavian home is all about minimalism. Think clean spaces with lots of light and tidy organised storage options. 

De-cluttering your home can often feel daunting, but getting rid of the unnecessary can help to cleanse the space and make it feel larger. 

The key to de-cluttering is finding the right storage options for your needs. Making sure that your home looks tidy can sometimes mean hiding things behind closed doors - sideboards, hallway cupboards and shoe cabinets will be your saviours.

Hulra Hallway Cabinet

Hulra Hallway Cabinet/Small Sideboard

Use lots of white

Scandi style is synonymous with a light and airy feel. So using white around your home is a key step in creating a Nordic inspired home. From white walls to accessories and furniture, these light accents will help bring an element of calmness to your home. 

Whites can be used to help make the space feel larger too, so work perfectly in small rooms.

Hulra Living room collection

Natural Elements

Another important element in Scandinavian design is natural elements. Bring nature into your home with soft woods and lots of plants to help bring the nordic atmosphere into your home. 

Natural woods are easy to style in any room and can be combined with white for a true Scandinavian feel. Our Hulra Collection perfectly pulls together this simple yet sleek colour palette. 

Hulra Bookcase

Hulra Bookcase

Form and lines

Scandi design consists of clean lines and curves - think smooth edges with a modern touch. Our dining range has the perfect balance between natural woods and curved edges. In a range of colours, these chairs signify a true Scandi style. 

Our Hulra Range also emanates a nordic design angled edges and slim tapered legs to give a sleek form that works beautifully in the home. 




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