Alice Double Ottoman Bed - Ivory

How to Create a Calm Bedroom

Our bedrooms are an important part of our homes, it’s the one place we really need to switch off and relax to rest properly. A cluttered, untidy bedroom can make us unsettled as well as too much furniture or items that are stored in the bedroom that really need to live elsewhere. The washing pile, kids’ toys, and tangled wires are not conducive to a calming sleep sanctuary.  

Finding the Right Bed  

The right bed is the anchor to the bedroom environment, the focal point in the room. Our Alice cream ottoman bed offers a sumptuously soft headboard finished in ecru bouclé and the ottoman design provides ample storage to help keep items neatly stored away without taking up valuable floorspace. The Alice bed also comes as a king size ottoman bed and is available in ivory.

Alice Double Ottoman Bed - Ecru Recycled Boucle

Choosing A Neutral Colour Scheme 

Neutral and calming hues such as creams and natural tones will complement white or wooden bedroom furniture. If you want to introduce a little colour, then hints of black and gold accents will work well with neutral tones. An accent chair in a spacious bedroom can add another element to the room, the Hattie bouclé accent chair is neutral but adds texture and luxe with understated gold legs. Alternatively, a natural wooden chair like the Willow will make a stylish reading chair that will match a neutral scheme perfectly. A pale pink cushion or textured throw will also add a hint of softness to your bedding.

Willow Pale Oak Accent Chair

Reduce Clutter   

Clutter is a relaxation killer! A pile of stuff is just a reminder that it needs to be tided away and this will not help you unwind. Keep your bedroom furniture as minimal as possible and store only your clothes and accessories in your wardrobe and drawers. Adding a few decorative pieces here and there will add personality but try to keep it minimal. A house plant will add a touch of natural greenery and a feeling of calmness.

Rayna 3 Drawer Chest of Drawers - Jet Black

Creating a Bedroom Routine 

Having a calm and clutter free bedroom will certainly help set the scene for a peaceful night’s sleep but creating a bedroom routine to help you switch off can also help. Here are a few practical tips to help you create a bedtime routine. Easier said than done we know but try to avoid screentime, switch your bedtime scroll for 15 minutes of reading instead. If you find falling asleep tricky then try meditating, there are plenty of apps offering guided meditation to help relax your mind before drifting off. Finally, a little lavender pillow spray or a relaxing soak in the bath should help you feel sleepy.

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