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How to Create an Industrial Bedroom

This trendy home decor style is inspired by the raw elements of old factories and warehouses, taking elements like exposed metal, red brick walls and raw woods to create a rugged environment. It’s an edgy and minimalistic look that gives off a lived-in feel. Create a full industrial design or slowly transition your space by introducing a few pieces, combining traditional elements with modern industrial vibes. 

Top tips for an industrial home

To bring an industrial feeling into your home, think about incorporating darker colour palettes like greys, blacks and browns, and using lighter colours for minimal accents. These deep tones match beautifully with lush greenery, so why not add houseplants around your home to contrast with the rough edge of the industrial decor.

Another easy way to incorporate this theme into your home is with raw materials like glass, wood and metals - think walnut cabinets and metal furniture. Black and white photos also help to create an industrial vibe and can be easily incorporated into your home. For a more dramatic effect think about using faux brick wallpaper to create a feature wall in any room.

When implementing a style of decor it's great to start with the main areas, like the living room and master bedroom. 

We’ve put together a quick guide to creating a beautiful industrial bedroom using some of our favourite pieces: 

The Bed Frame

The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom. It’s also the most important piece of furniture in your home - so choosing one you love is vital. 

A metal bed frame creates the perfect cornerstone of an industrial bedroom. We have a range of metal platform beds which work perfectly on their own as a subtle statement piece or as a piece of your wider industrial decor. 

Indy Metal Platform Beds

Our Indy platform bed comes in a black, grey, or blue metal frame with space underneath to place pull out storage. Choose black or grey for a dark and moody industrial atmosphere, and pair this with dark tones such as grey or slate. For a brighter atmosphere, choose the Indy bed in blue and style with burnt orange textile accessories. Why not go a step further and add a brick wallpaper to create an industrial-style statement wall. 

To create a more transitional decor, our Heeley metal and wood effect bed is a great option. With black metal trim and natural wood effect accents, this bed brings an industrial edge to the room. Pair this bed with natural tones like browns and creams for a relaxed atmosphere. 

The Bedside Table

We all know how useful bedside tables are - they offer storage space, a home for your bedside lamp and a surface to place tea or coffee. Our simple black bedside table creates a clean feeling when paired with our Indy bed. With three handy drawers, it also helps you keep all of your necessities organised. 

For a fun take on an industrial-inspired look, why not use our nest of tables as bedside storage. The differing heights create interest to the eye and help enhance the industrial design of the room. Alternatively, purchase two sets for a balanced look and utilise the shorter of the two tables elsewhere in your home. 

Whichever you choose don’t forget to add statement lighting and simple accessories. Think brass and copper lamps, exposed light bulbs and cement plant pots. For extra industrial allure add warm filament bulbs to your lights. 

Industrial nest of tables - Laura James
Industrial Nest of Tables

Storage Solutions 

Storage is a key part of keeping your bedroom clean and tidy. Which is important in keeping your mind happy and healthy, and your mornings stress-free.

Our Sheffield tall bookcase adds extra storage space into your room and is a great place to display your favourite decor. This metal and wood effect shelving unit matches perfectly with our Heeley bed and industrial nest of tables. 

Create a lush green paradise by placing trailing house plants on the higher shelves - real plants will also help to purify the air for a better nights sleep. Add quirky accessories like a globe, metal ornaments or any thrifted finds that add an industrial flair. For extra storage use soft baskets, in coordinating colours to your other furnishings to keep clutter out of eyesight. 

For extra clothes storage add a simple black chest of drawers, perfect for bulky jumpers and socks. Black furniture keeps to that industrial colour palette without distracting from statement furnishings and accessories. 

Industrial Storage unit - Laura James
Industrial Tall Bookcase 

The Dressing Area

An area to get ready in the morning is a necessity and our industrial desk can easily translate into the perfect industrial dressing table. 

Enhancing the industrial atmosphere with metal and wood effect finishes, this desk offers a large tabletop perfect for placing a black metal framed mirror and has three shelves to keep makeup and hair products organised. 

Just add a leather chair and your dressing area is ready to go. 

Industrial desk - Laura James

Sheffield Industrial Desk / Vanity Table

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