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Ottoman Beds: A Stress-Free Buying Guide

At some point, we all come to the realisation that we don’t have enough room in our homes for all our belongings. 

The most common solution to this problem is usually decluttering. Yet, even that is often not enough. What most of us truly need is more storage space. 

How do you increase storage without further cluttering the little space you have?

Simple - by using clever storage solutions. This is where ottoman beds come in. 

As furniture goes, the bed is one of the largest pieces in your home. It takes up so much space it seems almost silly not to make the most of it. Ottoman beds do precisely that. 

Instead of drawers, ottoman beds feature a base that lifts to reveal a storage compartment underneath. Usually, ottoman beds open from the foot of the bed or either side. This is achieved through the help of gas lift hydraulic pistons that enable easy access no matter your size.

So if you’re pressed for space and in the market for a clever storage solution, an ottoman storage bed might be all you need. 

The lift-up lid gives you access to the entire ottoman bed frame, allowing you to maximise storage space without the need for additional furniture.

What to Consider When Picking an Ottoman Bed

The Base Type

There are two base types to choose from:

  • A Sprung Slatted Base
  • A Boarded Mattress Base

Sprung slatted bases are easier on your purse strings, and as a result, can vary in quality. Sprung slats also provide a better sleeping experience. They have more give, meaning cushioned support and better sleep quality.

Boarded mattress beds, on the other hand, tend to be more expensive. This is mostly on account of them being manufactured from premium materials like oak. 

This makes them last longer, although the sleeping experience also tends to be a lot firmer. 

Internal Storage Design

storage compartment of a Laura James Otto Ottoman bed

An ottoman bed’s internal storage construction determines its build quality and price. 

The most basic ottoman beds have no floors on the inside. Items stored therein sit directly on the floor. Others have a lining on the bottom to protect your stored items from dust. 

The most practical ottoman beds have a floating floor. This refers to a design where the floor is raised off the ground. This keeps your stored items off the floor and safe from dust. 

Gas Lift Pistons

Gas lift pistons holding up an open ottoman bed

The strength of your gas lift pistons will determine how easily your ottoman will lift. It also dictates the maximum weight of the mattress you can put on the bed. 

Here are some gas-lift piston specifications that will give an easy-lift mechanism:

Bed Size Gas Lift Piston Specs (Newton-Meter)
Double Bed (4’6ft x 6’3ft) 900n
King Bed (5ft x 6’6ft) 1100n
Super King Bed (6ft x 6’6ft) 1350n

Expert Tip: Anything with 600n or lower (on both pistons) is not suitable for heavier style mattresses. 

These are the primary considerations for any ottoman storage bed. Anything worth your attention should meet and surpass these requirements

To make matters easier for you, we’ve compiled a quick overview of our top picks for our best ottoman beds.

The Daisy Ottoman Bed

A grey velvet Daisy Ottoman bed

The Daisy Ottoman is essentially a fabric upholstered bed but with an ottoman design. It's our take on the traditional bed, built for modern living. 

The Daisy features a stunning quilted headboard and curved wings. It has a deep buttoned detailing with a traditional feel and luxurious grey velvet fabric for a contemporary twist. 

The balance of traditional and modern design make the bed look and feel opulent. It evokes luxury and comfort far beyond its price.

“Really pleased. Looks so much more expensive. Lovely classy piece at a great price and delivery was super quick.”
Katharine Bryning 

Additionally, the Daisy Ottoman offers sprung slats for optimum support. The sprung slats are curved, acting like springs - thus a more comfortable base to lie on. This makes the bed not only gorgeous but also a joy to sleep in. 

Even better, the Daisy Ottoman is available as a double and a king-size bed. Here’s a quick breakdown of its specifications in both configurations:

Feature Double Bed King Size Bed










Under-bed Clearance 26cm 26cm
Max mattress weight 48kg 48kg
Max Weight 240kg 240kg
Gas Lift Piston Yes Yes

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Elle Ottoman Storage Bed

A pink Elle Ottoman bed

The Elle Ottoman bed frame features a luxe quilted headboard with a grey, pink or blue velvet fabric finish.

Like the Daisy, Elle Ottoman beds also feature buttoned detailing on the headboard. However, they lack the matching curved wings, therefore have the more opulent modern design. 

The bed comes with a gas lift base for easy access to the storage compartment. Simply lift at the foot of the bed, and you’re in.

Testimonial from Rebecca

Additionally, Elle features sprung slats for optimum support, and just as with Daisy, the slats are curved for added comfort. 

Here are the Elle Ottoman bed’s key features:

Feature Double Bed King Size Bed










Under-bed Clearance 26cm 26cm
Max mattress weight 48kg 48kg
Max Weight 240kg 240kg
Gas Lift Piston Yes Yes

Otto Ottoman Storage Beds

A Laura James gold velvet Otto Ottoman bed

The Otto is a luxurious storage bed available in three colours - royal blue, teal, and gold. All in luxurious velvet fabrics. 

It features a tall, straight headboard with streamlined wings for a modern contemporary design. These, paired with the velvet fabric, make for an enchanting piece of furniture. 

Additionally, like our other ottoman beds, the Otto also features curved sprung slats for maximum comfort and support. 

Here’s a quick overview of the Otto’s key features:

Feature Double Bed King Size Bed










Under-Bed Clearance 26cm 26cm
Max Mattress Weight 48kg 48kg
Max Weight 280kg 280kg
Gas Lift Piston Yes Yes

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Elevate Your Bedroom Storage

Adequate storage is in short supply in most homes. This is what makes ottoman bed frames such a brilliant investment. They allow you to make the most of your space without being too obtrusive. 

Depending on where you get your ottoman bed, it can be a great storage solution and stunning addition to your home. 

At Laura James, we specialise in providing high quality, on-trend furniture to our customers. We like to say that we’re in the business of creating happy homes. 

This is the energy we channel into our ottoman beds, and indeed all the furniture we produce. 

We maintain a hands-on approach right from design to delivery. That way, your bed meets the highest quality standards. 

But you need not take it from us...

“I bought a king bed from them. Came quick and quality was even better than I was expecting. Easy way to put together. I will order more furniture from them because I like the style of their furniture.”
Asne Krishjane. 

Additionally, we understand the importance of a brilliant mattress to match our beds. That’s why we’ve come up with affordable bundle deals for our ottoman storage beds and mattresses. 

That way, you don’t need to worry about where to find the perfect mattress for your new ottoman bed.

Daisy Ottoman Bed And Mattress Set

Daisy Ottoman Bed And Mattress Set

Elle Ottoman Bed And Mattress Set

Elle Ottoman Bed And Mattress Set

Otto Ottoman Bed And Mattress Se

Otto Ottoman Bed And Mattress Set


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best mattress for my ottoman bed?

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to picking a mattress for your ottoman bed. Any mattress type will work, provided it’s the right size for your bed frame. 

That said, we do have combo deals for ottoman beds and mattresses. That way, you’re guaranteed the mattress you get is comfortable and fits perfectly with your new bed. 

How do I know which size of ottoman bed to choose?

Work out the space needed for your preferred bed using provided measurements for each bed. Also, ensure that you can access the ottoman storage of your chosen bed. 

How do I build the ottoman bed?

To successfully assemble your ottoman bed, first, read the instructions provided. These will guide you on how to screw together the frame, attach the headboard, and install the lifting mechanism. 

However, if you do run into some trouble, please reach out. We are happy to help you navigate and resolve any issues. 

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