Marston 8 Seater Rattan Dining Set With Cream Parasol

3 Gorgeous Decor Tips for Your Rattan Patio Furniture

You’ve always wanted a cosy leisure area to spend time with your loved ones and host your visitors. 

You got it right when you bought the rattan garden furniture. It was easy to choose because rattan comes in:

  • Grey 
  • Black 
  • Brown

Now, as you sink into your comfortable rattan sofa, soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm summer weather, you notice your glorious outdoor furniture set looks dull. For now, you decide to brush off that feeling. 

However, the following day, you look out your window, and you get that same impression again. You finally decide it's time to look for decor ideas that’ll help brighten up your rattan garden furniture.

Today, we’ll give you three gorgeous decor tips to help you do just that.

Use Stylish Throw Pillows

Brown rattan, you can also get it in grey and black
Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set - 9 Seater - Brown

You can’t go wrong with stylish throw pillows on rattan garden furniture. Most throw pillows blend well with the furniture. In fact, the pillows even blend well with the dining sets that may accompany that furniture.

Yet, did you know you can custom-make your throw pillows to brighten your Grey Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set? You can do this by including any of these pillow designs:

  • Novelty-shaped: A decorative pillow that comes in the shape of a cat, dog or a special item. 
  • Bolster: Cylindrical pillows. Their size varies depending on the length and diameter you choose.
  • Flanged: These pillows have a seam allowance on all four sides that gives them a stylish look. 
  • Rectangular: Rectangular pillow that you can add ribbons or cords to the edges of to make them more attractive.

Aston rattan Garden Furniture with grey cushions and rectangular throw pillow
Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set - Grey Lean Over Parasol - 9 Seater - Black

Throw pillows should complement the rattan cushions by creating a colour balance that leads to a striking appearance.

If your current cushions are dull, change them for a mix of brightly coloured and dark pillows — Bright colours include orange, yellow, blue or maroon. They go well with darker pillows like grey, dark blue and deep brown.

You can also have trending pillows customized to include a photograph. Perhaps of yourself, an animal or a famous person you admire.

Expert tip: Digital art and painting prints are also currently trendy and hot sellers.

Important note: Buy throw pillows made from highly durable material if your patio furniture is in an open space. Direct sunlight and precipitation can damage your pillows.

A wide variety of suitable outdoor materials are available for throw pillows. This table shows the best outdoor throw pillow fabric for your rattan garden furniture.

Outdoor Garden Furniture Pillow Fabric Features

- Stylish, soft and versatile

- Resistant to stretching and scratching

- Easy to clean

- Unaffected by mould


- Smooth texture

- Durable

- Waterproof

- Dries fast

- Easy to customise


- Hardly wrinkles

- Resists mould

- Doesn't fade easily

- Soft and comfortable

These fabrics are easy to manipulate and style because they’re heavier, flexible and absorb colour well. They're also great for custom printing on because their fibres are strong and bring out all the elements in a design.

Add Nature-Enhancing Planters

Setting up rattan garden furniture

Setting up rattan garden furniture gives your outdoor space an exquisite look instantly. The rattan material has a traditional natural look that adds a warm ambience.

Going further by adding planters around your rattan furniture can significantly highlight the natural atmosphere.

You can use vertical garden designs, colourfully styled planters, or raised garden beds to augment your patio — even with an already green landscape.

Testimonial from Wendy

Planters you can add to your patio include:

  • Shrubs 
  • Flowers
  • Trees

Enjoy living and dining in a planter enhanced patio
10 Seat Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set
With LED Premium Parasol And Parasol Rain Cover

The fresh air from plants and the fragrance from flowers help you relax as you enjoy your time on your Black Cote Rattan Garden Furniture.

That said, it's vital to choose the best planter material that enhances your rattan garden furniture colour and blends well with your overall garden appearance.

The six types of planters you can choose from are:

  • Wood planters: Shorea, teak and cedar are the best wood planters because they’re weather resistant. However, other wood options will last longer if stained or painted.
  • Concrete or cast stone: Concrete and cast stone are usually heavy, large and intensely patterned. They’re more expensive than other materials but are incredibly durable.

    Expert tip: Concrete stone goes well with the Rattan Marston 6 Seater Dining Set.
  • Metal planters: Metal gives a modern and rustic appearance to your furniture set. It can be custom designed and painted, giving it an excellent visual distinction. Metal is durable, but it can overheat in summer and become subject to frost damage in winter.
  • Rattan planters: If you can’t get enough of your magnificent rattan material, you can get a rattan planter to compliment your rattan garden furniture. They’ll add a sophisticated casual look, and they’re great for lightweight plants.
  • Plastic planters: Resin is the best plastic for planters because it's durable and weather resistant. If you’d like bright colours and unique styles, go for resin, as it gives you more room for exploration.
  • Ceramic planters: Ceramic is fragile compared to other planters. It should be kept at a safe distance, especially where kids and pets are involved. Ceramic comes in different textures and patterns and gives a decorative earthy feel to your patio.

Grey 4 seater rattan sofa set
Cote Garden Sofa Set - 4 Seater - Grey Rattan

Expert Tip: Get other benefits from your planters by growing herbs for cocktails or cooking. You can also grow insect-repelling plants.

Set Up a Trendy Parasol

Parasols are a great addition to your patio because they offer both a decorative and protective function.

A beautiful parasol can add pleasant visual effects like colour, light and elegance to your patio. They also add a stunning reflection to your rattan garden furniture.

Factors to consider before buying a parasol are:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Base weight
  • Colour 
  • Design

Garden furniture rattan grey cube garden dining sets
10 Seater Rattan Cube Garden Dining Set With Parasol

There are primarily three types of outdoor parasols.

Classic Patio Umbrella

The classic patio has a central pole secured at the centre of your rattan table or attached to a heavy base. Most of these umbrellas have a tilting canopy to angle them against the sun.

Ensure the umbrella you buy has a wind-up mechanism that allows you to open or close it without much effort. Another great feature to look out for is height adjustment allowance.

Cantilever Parasol


The cantilever stands freely and has a curved canopy which allows for greater flexibility and positioning. Cantilevers are the best choice for your rattan garden furniture.

Choose one with a tilt and crank mechanism as well as a 360 degrees rotating arm. A locking mechanism helps to keep the parasol in your preferred position. 

Grey 9 seater rattan set with grey cantilever
Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set - Grey LED Cantilever Parasol

Half-Moon Patio Umbrellas

If your patio has an awkward shape, you can get a half-moon patio umbrella. These umbrellas are also great for a balcony or small courtyard. It's a simple, attractive addition that enhances your outdoor decor and still offers protection from direct sunlight.

Once you’ve picked a parasol for your garden furniture, you need to buy one that fits your furniture set. For example, an eight-seater dining set like the Brown Kemble 8 Seater Garden Dining Set won't fit properly with a four-seater sized parasol.

The table below has measurements you can refer to:

Rattan Table Size Parasol Size (Meters) Base Weight (Kgs)
2 seater 2 9-12
4 seater 2–2.3 12–15
6 seater 2.7–3 15–30
8 seater 3 20-30
10 seater 4m+ 50+

Ready to install your parasol? Here's a video showing you how to do it.

At Laura James, our Rattan Garden Furniture Set comes with a cantilever parasol that complements and adds to the stunning look you desire in your patio.

Cantilever with LED lights
Marston 6 Seater Rattan Dining Set With Cream LED Premium Parasol
Rattan Garden Furniture - Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Colours Would Compliment My Rattan Garden Furniture?

Most colours go well with rattan furniture because of their natural tone. Brown rattan would match with beige, peach and yellow ochre. Black and grey would match with lilac, orange, shades of blue and other bright shades.

What is the Perfect Way to Clean Rattan Furniture?

  1. Fill a bowl with water, add dish detergent and mix.
  2. Dip a cloth into the bubbles only. The cloth shouldn’t be dripping wet.
  3. Wipe your grey rattan dining set with the damp cloth.
  4. Use a soft brush to clean between the crevices.
  5. Repeat weekly for superior results.

Which Oil Can I Apply on My Old Rattan Garden furniture?

The best oil to use is boiled linseed oil. You can apply it twice a year if your rattan furniture set is dry, split or cracked. The alternative, raw linseed oil, leaves a sticky residue and doesn't dry well.

If you wish to replace your rattan garden furniture, Laura James offers you a wide variety of the best rattan garden furniture. We have cube sets, dining sets, sofa sets and bistro sets.

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