Paul Extendable Dining Table With 2 Chairs

6+ Scandi-Inspired Accessories for Small Dining Sets

Next to the kitchen, the dining room is often the centre of the home. The pandemic certainly showed us that.

It’s where lessons occur with our children, either virtually, while homeschooling, or just plain old ordinary homework.

It’s the spot where we ourselves often get things done, from Zoom meetings to paying the bills and filling out “paperwork” of all sorts.

We entertain there with games, cards, and girlfriend chat sessions over a cup of tea, glass of wine or mug of Joe.

And, of course, it’s where we dine. From dinner parties to pizza nights, takeaway curries to holiday feasts fit for the Queen, we join family and friends around the table for food, fellowship, and fun. Even when five or six around the table is a squeeze.

Smaller spaces may mean smaller gatherings, but they don’t mean that your smaller dining room, or smaller dining set, can’t be just as stylish and fashionable as they are functional.

Scandi-Inspired Accessories for Small Dining Sets

To that end, we’ve paired several of our small dining sets with Scandinavian-style sideboards to show you just how to bring some modern decor flair and fashion, as well as function, to your all-important dining space.

We’ll also give you some ideas for other accessories that go nicely with our smaller dining furniture. By the time we’re done, you’ll have more than enough ideas to give your dining room or nook that Scandi look that’s so popular right now. 

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Sheffield Dining Set With Charlie Sideboard in Black

Dining table with black metal legs and natural wood top, with matching two square stools on one side and a bench on the other
Sheffield Dining Table Set – 4 Seater – Dining Bench And 2 Stools

The clean lines and sleek look of our Sheffield dining sets evoke both the Scandinavian style and the industrial grit of the city that inspired their name.

Its versatility in seating choices—two benches, four stools or the combination of benches and stools you see above—makes it perfect for singles, couples and smaller families who may not need all four seats all the time.

Testimonial from Dylon Barratt

They slide right under the tabletop, too, giving you plenty of room to get around the set when not in use. It’s a workhorse with a lot of style.

We’ve chosen the Charlie Small Sideboard with Cane Front in Black as the perfect partner for this sleek, timeless set. 

black sideboard with two doors fronted with woven natural cane
Charlie Small Sideboard - Cane Front - Black

Its small size of 40 cm deep by 75 cm wide allows you to tuck it into nearly any small dining room without cramping the table’s space or the walkability of the room. At 85 cm high, Charlie may be little, but he’s also mighty. Mighty useful, that is.

The adjustable shelf inside is ideal for adding much-sought-after storage for daily necessities, serving ware or decorative accessories.

The natural cane front and black finish on the wood give it a touch of Scandi style while nicely complementing the black metal legs and wooden tops of the Sheffield’s pieces.

Give your dining room that sleek, modern feel with one of our Sheffield dining sets and a Charlie sideboard in black. It's an international match made in heaven.

Paul Small Dining Table With 4 Chairs and the Hulra Small Sideboard in Scandinavian White

Here’s where we go full-on Scandi in both the dining set and the sideboard. This pairing provides you with the classic, clean, fashionable and functional look and feel of the Scandinavian interior style.

The Paul Small Dining Table with 4 Chairs fits neatly into any small space. And its bright white finish and white and natural wood stackable chairs give it that form and fashion that so defines the style. 

Natural and white dining set with round table and four chairs
Paul Extendable Dining Table With 4 Chairs - Small - White

One of the best things about this small set is that the table actually extends to seat four, making it perfect for singles and couples who don’t need that much space on an everyday basis.

We’ve paired it with its Scandi cousin, the Hulra Small Sideboard in Scandinavian White.

As its name suggests, it, too, wears its Scandi style with pride, from its natural wood legs and cabinet body to its gleaming white finish and soft-close hinges.

Hulra Small Sideboard - Scandinavian - White
Hulra Small Sideboard - Scandinavian - White

Like the other two sideboards we’ve already featured, the Hulra is only 75 cm wide. It is a tiny smidge smaller in depth, at just 39.5 cm. What it lacks in depth, however, it makes up for in height. At 95 cm tall, the Hulra is the largest of the three pieces we’ve featured today.

Like Charlie and Gloria, the Hulra has an interior shelf just waiting for you to fill it up with whatever bits and bobs you choose, making this piece a fully functional, highly fashionable addition to your small dining space.

Take a trip to Scandinavia every time you sit down to a meal or a meeting, simply by adding the Paul Small Dining Table with 4 Chairs and the Hulra Small Sideboard in Scandinavian White to your home’s dining room.

Small Accessories That Make a Big Impression in a Small Dining Space

Here at Laura James, we don’t carry any accessorising pieces for our finely-crafted furniture. That doesn’t mean, however, that our designers can’t give you some ideas on how to accessorise your small dining set or its sideboard mate.

Here are a few Scandinavian-inspired ideas for adding more function, fashion and flair to your small dining space.

A Scandi-Style Rug


Put some style on the floor under your small dining set by choosing a Scandi style area rug. With choices as small as 90 cm by 150 cm, you can spruce up your small dining room and not break the bank, or tear out the walls.

When choosing a Scandi-style area rug, look for those muted, neutral tones the Scandinavian style is so known for. Also, keep an eye out for geometric prints and stripes, two big favourites of Scandi rug designers. 

Natural Elements and Greenery

Greta Thunberg isn’t the only Scandinavian big on going green.


As this photo shows, the Scandi style is rife with natural materials like the raffia basket, the wood bowl and the live plants.

Your small dining room may not allow for many accessories, but a small houseplant, a lovely wooden bowl or a clear glass vase with fresh flowers in it would be an easy, affordable and definitely Scandi way to add some “green” to the room.

You can also add that pop of nature with artwork, as shown in the photo. An art print or photograph of a lovely natural setting would do the trick, as would an abstract modern piece in shades of green, brown or tan.

(PS: our Gloria Small Sideboard is available in a lovely shade of sage green, if you’d like to kill two birds with one stone, as they say.)

Other Suggestions for Your Scandinavian-Inspired Small Dining Space

While the video below doesn’t just feature small dining spaces, it does highlight 16 different Scandinavian dining room designs. We provide it as inspiration to get your imagination up and running. 


Now, It’s Your Turn

We’ve recommended three lovely sideboards and three equally attractive dining table sets to turn your small dining space into a Scandi sensation.

We’ve also given you several specific tips and 16 complete dining spaces to draw inspiration and ideas from.

Now, it’s your turn. You’ll soon have the Scandinavian dining room of your dreams, no matter how big those dreams are or how small the space. Dream big, live big, even if your space isn’t.

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