We've Partnered with Ecologi!

January 19, 2022

We've Partnered with Ecologi! - Laura James

We've teamed up with Ecologi to start on our journey to becoming more carbon positive. We want to be able to make a positive impact towards the planet and we'd love for our customers to join us along the way. Collectively, we will be helping to grow a forest by planting a tree for every new customer that signs up to our emails.

About Ecologi

Who are Ecologi?

Ecologi are a platform for real climate action, whose aim is to make tackling the environmental crisis more accessible for everyone.

Their mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees each year. Take a look here at the current progress and collective action Ecologi have taken so far to achieve this. 

How was Ecologi founded?

Ecologi was founded in Bristol by a group of environmentalists who were frustrated that there was no easy way to contribute enough to the climate problem we are facing.

It began one morning in 2019, when Elliot the CEO and founder of Ecologi was getting his morning coffee and thought to himself “How much climate action could I fund with the money for a coffee?”

The answer: the change in our pockets can significantly upgrade our own personal contributions and one day help reduce half of the world’s emissions.

And so Ecologi was born.

What do they do?

Ecologi facilitate the funding of environmental projects from tree planting and renewable energy generation, to community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.

Carbon reduction projects

Each month they support a range of carbon reduction projects that are certified by the Gold Standard and equivalent to the highest level. These projects are strategised by guidance from the Climate Committee and follow the Project Drawdown framework. 

Tree planting projects

Ecologi also responsibly plant millions of trees a month through their amazing tree planting partners. This not only helps to keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C but is also crucial to preventing ecological collapse.

What environmental projects have they funded?

Ecologi fund a variety of different climate projects across the world. Some of there recent projects include:

Preserving Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil

“The rate of deforestation has increased over the past 3 years, with the rate towards the end of 2020 reaching its highest level since 2008"

Ecologi Website

The Amazon rainforest is known for being one of the most biodiverse habitats on the planet but sadly, 20% has been lost between 1975 and 2018 due to problems such as oil and gas production, mining and infrastructure. Making projects that focus on the rainforest more important now than ever.

Ecologi state this project aims to 'avoid emissions from planned deforestation' and will 'preserve 27,434.9 hectares of native forest which had previously been designated for deforestation.' Read more about the project here.

Wind Power in Vietnam

“Demand for electricity in Vietnam has grown by an average of 10% each year over the past five years, and continues to grow in line with Vietnam's economic growth"

Ecologi Website

In 2020, Vietnam generated over half of their electricity from coal. To reduce their reliance on coal, Vietnam have to increase their renewable energy generation. By 2030, the country aims to be producing 30GW of their electricity per year from wind power.

Ecologi hope that the wind power plants they have helped to fund will help to 'bridge the gap between supply and demand' and 'prevent around 143,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year.'

Not only does this project make a positive impact on the environment, but it also strives to help the local community through creating employment opportunites, funding social events and contributing to local charities. Read more about this project here.

How does carbon offsetting work?

A carbon footprint refers to the estimated amount of carbon that is emitted by a person, event or thing. The act of carbon offsetting is funding the reduction of the same level of emissions elsewhere, in order to create a balance.

How do Ecologi prove their impact?

Ecologi are a fully transparent organisation and publish evidence of their work on their website from financials to receipts of tree planting. Their profit is measured in their impact, and is reflected in how they spend their money. 85% of money donated goes directly to funding these planet saving projects, the rest is to cover any other costs like spreading the word about Ecologi, hosting and licenses. You can take a look at this information here.

How can I help?

Sign up to our email newsletter below and we will plant one tree, it’s as simple as that! You can take a look the trees that have planted here and see how we're doing.

If you're interested in starting to grow your own forest then Ecologi offer several plans so you can choose how much impact you want to make.

“One of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees"

Ecologi Website

Questions about the Trees

Why Trees?

It is now known that one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis is by planting trees. Not only can they help to prevent our temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees, but they are also really important in preserving biodiversity and supporting local communities across the world.

Where are the trees planted?

Each tree planted will be helping to grow forests in Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua. Each planting project not only is a step to becoming more carbon positive, but also helps to support communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers.

What trees are being planted?

Ecologi have teamed up with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant native and diverse trees in forests across the world. A lot of the trees that have currently been funded are mangroves. Ecologi's website refers to scientific studies that state these 'sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater that mature tropical forests' whilst also being a 'key part of coastal ecosystems'. 

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