White Radiator Cover - Adjustable

5 Ways to Elevate Your Hallway With White Radiator Covers

Radiator covers can turn your hallway from good to great. By combining style and functionality, they can transform a living space necessity into a smart accessory that suits the rest of your furniture and spruces up the room.

Our white panels are a fave among homeowners. Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say about this product:

I ordered several radiator covers from your site and I’m very happy with them. They were delivered on time and I was kept informed throughout the purchase. They were easy to assemble and they look beautiful. Just what I wanted. I’m really pleased with my purchase."
Louise Stenner, Verified Buyer

We sell the following sizes to suit any room:

Sizes Length
Small 78 x 20 x 82 cm
Medium 111.5 x 20 x 82 cm
Large 150 x 20 x 82 cm
Adjustable 140–204 x 22 x 84 cm

Quality items are only the first step. Any home decorator will tell you, it’s not only what you buy but how you style it. 

Let’s explore some easy ways to turn your hallway from bleak to chic.

#1: Smart and Functional

Smart and Functional

One of the best things about using radiator covers is the extra space you suddenly have at your disposal. Instead of a rough, unsightly surface, you get a smooth white shelf for your keys, books, hand lotion, or whatever else suits the nearest room.

You don’t need to use the surface for storage only. Instead, style it with items that suit the space’s purpose. For example:

  • Entrance hallways. Add a bowl for keys, a vase of flowers or air freshener sticks, and some vivid pieces to add a kick to an otherwise bleak space.
  • Bedroom hallways. Why not make your bedroom device-free and dedicate the new location to their storage? Get a charger unit and style with pastels to designate your entrance a chill zone.
  • Living room hallways. Place items that just don’t seem to fit on your living room shelves here. This way, the hallway seamlessly transitions to the room it connects to.

Expert Tip: Hallways lead to rooms. Use your previous furniture decisions as styling inspiration. 

Radiator cover with white ceramic decorations
Radiator Cover - White Painted - Large

#2: Open Up That Tiny Space

Open up that tiny space

Tiny homes can seem lacklustre without smart design decisions. Why maintain the appearance of a clunky piece of heating that makes the hallways seem constricted, dim, and anything but put together? Panels come in to cover the eyesore and save the day. 

Bright, sharp surfaces make a room seem more unified and elegant. They clear the space and eliminate radiator gracelessness while providing a flat surface for convenience and decorating options.

Here are some ideas for opening up your tiny hallway:

  • Nature indoors. Bright pieces are the go-to for bringing light to small spaces, but all-white isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Add a natural touch with simple plants and wooden accessories to bring some life to the space instead.
  • Splash of colour. Choose vivid details—think red or yellow—to place on top of your new surface. The pieces draw attention to themselves and make the room seem well-thought-out.
  • Storage accessories. Place a small shelf on top of your new piece. Nothing speaks class like smart space usage that combines efficiency with clean-edged sophistication.

Expert tip: Small spaces look ten times better with proper usage. Don’t be afraid to put your new shelf to good use, but don’t clutter it, either.

Radiator cover with hangers
Radiator Cover - White Painted - Large

#3: Classic Elegance

Why not turn your hallway into a stylish nook that appears ready for a ball? It’s easy with the elegance white radiator covers can bring.

Hardwood floors and creamy walls combine especially well with this cover, whose cross grille design evokes images of wealthy old school homes.

Let your radiator become a central piece. Spread ornaments around it to show off your immaculate taste and refinement. Ideas with ‘class’ written all over them include:

  • Old-school decor. Whether you choose candles, mirrors with bronze frames, or statues of your favourite antiquity poet, you’ll be displaying a sense of style that transcends the ages. 
  • Gorgeous tomes. If you have leather-bound books lying around, place them carelessly on top of your new surface. 
  • Crystal lights. You might lack a chandelier, but shiny crystals are still in the picture. Add a mood light lamp to deepen your hallway and give it that 1920s aesthetic.

Expert tip: Antique stores are guaranteed to have treasures to fit this style. If that’s too pricy for your budget, second-hand vintage shops are a good alternative. 

Radiator cover with metal candleholders and duck statue
Radiator Cover - White Painted - Large

#4: Flower Power

Do you know what goes well with sharp surfaces and gives any room a feel-good air? Flowers. Plus, since you’re getting the cover in white, any flower species fits like a missing puzzle piece.

Potted plants or vases with fresh flowers—the world is your oyster. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Combine different types of flowers to create a vivid flowerbed right there in your hallway.

Testimonial from Isobelle Allan

Marvellous ideas for radiator gardens include:

  • Sunflowers for a splash of colour. A transparent vase full of these yellow beauties is stunning while remaining casual enough to allow for other playful pieces. 
  • Romantic roses before the bedroom. A bunch of red roses has many positive implications. Set your bedroom mood with these evocative flowers just outside the door.
  • Green pots for an easy at-home jungle. If you cultivate greenery, don’t be afraid to let it drape over your radiator. White and green are buddies for a good reason and bring tons of light and life to a space.

Expert tip: You’re not limited to the space on top of your cover. Feel free to add pieces around it, especially woody plants that stretch tall. Use them to delineate the space and add a natural frame to the picture.

description of photo
Radiator Cover - White Painted - Large

#5: An Organised Mess

Covering a shabby-looking radiator with a clean and polished cover opens a new door. On top of something clean and simple, you now have the option to use thought-out messiness as an aesthetic choice.

Wall decor is especially good for this purpose. We’re in love with these ideas:

  • Organisation table. Is there a better place to check your daily tasks than at the entrance? Pull up a sheet, delegate chores, and don’t shy away from colourful markers. 
  • Bulletin boards. These puppies are messy by design. Take one and pin images, concert tickets, and other sweet memories to the board to greet you as soon as you step foot into your home.
  • Framed photographs. Choose your favourite pics and frame them in different sizes. Play around with the outline and spread them across the wall above your radiator. 

Expert tip: It’s easy to overdo it. Turning an organised mess into an intentional one is an art. Always try to balance out the disarray with the clean look of your radiator cover for first-rate aesthetics.

Radiator cover with framed photos on top
White Radiator Cover - Adjustable

Radiator Covers: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to this design idea, here are the answers to the most common questions.

Q: Do radiator covers restrict heat?

A: No. These pieces don’t reduce efficiency, thanks to their open-panel design which allows the hot air to exit and warm your room.

Q: What can I put on my radiator cover?

A: Anything you want! Our wooden covering makes sure that the top surface stays reasonably cool. It’s not a good idea to leave food on your heating, but otherwise, you’re good to go.


Heating Made Fashionable With Radiator Covers

Get our radiator covers and never again worry about unsightly and clunky heating solutions. While waiting for your order, consider these design rules:

  • Power of white. Brightness opens the constricted hallway spaces, but that’s not where the perks end. This colour matches with anything. Let your imagination do the rest.
  • Hallway to room connection. People often forget about corridors, but they serve as a wonderful introduction to the main room. Join the dots for a seamless aesthetic. 
  • It’s all you. If these ideas don’t resonate with you, think of alternatives! The first rule of furnishing is that each piece should meet your desires. Anything else won’t do

Keep these tips in mind and do whatever strikes you as the most stylish. Home decor is all about creativity. Our products are only here to facilitate every step of your journey towards the home of your dreams.

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