6 Clever Storage Hacks Using a Cube Storage Unit

April 08, 2022

Anderson Cube Storage Unit - White With Grey Cupboards

Sometimes you wish it could all go away. The books, the clothes. The clutter. 

You close your eyes for a minute and picture a neat, organised space. 

What if we could help you bring that imagination to life? “How?” you might wonder. The magic is in a cube storage unit.

A cube unit is a piece of home furniture structured into cube-like compartments.

Our white 8-cube storage unit
8 Cube Storage Unit In White

You can use these storage solutions in any room, and to store almost any item. Kitchen utensils, clothes, books, even wine! They’re modern, multifunctional and keep each item in its space. They also make things easy to find and access. 

Homeowners like you have testified how cube units tidied their spaces: 

Testimonial from Gemma BenfieldTestimonial from Mai
Testimonial from happy customers

Wouldn’t you want to give this sort of testimony too? If so, then it’s time to get creative!

Table of Contents

Hack #1: Use Storage Boxes

Laura James’ Cara Fabric Cube box
Cara Fabric Cube Storage Box - Large - White

You’ll never go wrong by adding a storage box to a cube unit. It keeps your belongings even tidier.

Some items like keys and writing materials will not look so organised if you leave them lying loosely on shelves. It’s better to place such items in a box, and then tuck the box into a shelf.

Our storage boxes are easy to fit into your cube unit.

A storage box can also brighten up your storage solution. Our Cara Fabric box comes in four shades. You can pick the colour that complements the rest of your room best, and use it to create a decorative pattern, like this:

9-Cube white unit with pink box drawers in four cubes
9 Cube Storage Unit / Bookcase & 4 Pink Handled Box Drawers

Expert Tip: Does your cube unit look empty? Can’t find enough items to stack in it? Use storage boxes to fill out empty shelves.

Hack #2: Ever Dream Of a Bar?

Display of Laura James’ 6-Cube Unit used as a wine storage solution
Anderson Cube Storage Unit - Oak Effect With Grey Cupboards

Ever dream of a small section in your home where your wine and cocktail cravings are satisfied? 

We’ve heard that not all dreams come true, but what if creativity can change that?

You can use a cube unit to create your dream mini-bar. 

Take all of your favourite wine glasses and cocktail shaker that have been hiding in your kitchen cabinet. Store them stylishly in your cube unit. You could also keep fancy dishware and trays in your little bar space. 

Expert Tip: Limited room space? Mount your storage unit on the wall!

Hack #3: Keep Kids’ Rooms Tidy With a Cube Unit

Laura James’ Ladder cube unit used to tidy teddy bears and books in a child’s room
6 Cube Bookcase Ladder Storage Unit - White With Black Boxes

Kids’ rooms are one of the most difficult spaces to organise. 

Each time you tidy up, your kids are ready to start another pillow fight. And that just turns the room upside down again.

Tidying becomes even more tasking when some items don’t have a designated place.

Why don’t you stack and fold those extra possessions in a cube unit? 

“Great unit, ideal for my granddaughter’s room”
— Patsy Trotter

Here’s a table summarising what you could store in a cubic organiser: 

Items Tips
Clothes and accessories
  • Keep underwear in storage boxes before tucking them into the unit. Bins, boxes and baskets keep organisation of small items in check
  • Do the same for jewellery; place it in trinket boxes
Books and art supplies
  • Stack books according to height and colour patterns. This makes the unit visually appealing
  • Arrange art supplies in pencil cases
  • Turn a cube unit into a dollhouse! Our ladder cube unit will function well for this theme. For instance, you can use the stand-alone top shelf as the doll’s “penthouse” or “attic”
  • It’s important to keep shoes in an open space like a cube unit because they stand little to no chance of growing mold. Aeration also kills the bacteria that cause bad shoe smell

Laura James’ Fyfield White Hallway Storage Bench with cushion

Hack #4: Keep the Hallway and Living Room Tidy With Cube Units

What do you do with items that don’t have a specific space? 

You dump them in baskets and corners, don’t you? But it doesn't look quite right, does it? 

A cube unit will serve well in hallways and living rooms. 

In fact, for the hallway, we even have special units. They come with wicker baskets and double as benches.  

What can you store in these cube benches? 

  • Washroom and kitchen towels 
  • Washroom supplies 
  • First aid boxes 
  • Bedroom slippers 
  • Gloves, scarves and sunglasses
  • Pet leashes

Our hallway cube benches come as: 

  • 2-cube units 
  • 3-cube units
  • Coat rack and bench set 

The Coat Rack and Bench Set comprises a 2-cube bench unit and a 2-cube, wall-mounted unit. 

The wall-mounted unit doubles as a coat rack. You can also place little items on the top shelf.

Laura James’ Fyfield White Coat Rack & Bench Cube Set
Fyfield White 2 Basket Coat Rack & Bench

“I bought this for my hallway. Came already made up. Not a scratch on it. Beautiful finish. It looks amazing. The baskets fit a lot in and the bench is very sturdy with a very thick cushion.

Great price as well. Highly recommend these beautiful pieces of furniture. Delivery was great also. Thank you Laura James, you have lovely products and I will purchase them again from you.

— Paula Mcgrath 

Now let’s talk about the living room. How can you make use of a cube unit in that space? You can store:

  • Decorative items 
  • Fancy dishware 
  • Magazines for visitors 
  • Scented candles 
  • Flowers 
  • Personal items like photo frames 
  • Snacks for when you’re feeling too relaxed to go to the pantry or the fridge
  • Remote controls. Some homeowners even use cube units as a TV cabinet!

If you want to keep certain items enclosed, go for our Anderson 6-Cube Storage Unit. This unit has two stylish, closed cupboards. 

Laura James’ Oak Anderson Cube Unit With Grey Cupboards
Anderson Cube Storage Unit - Oak Effect With White Cupboards

Expert Tip: Did you buy a tall cube unit? Are you wondering how to position it in a way that doesn’t obstruct your wall decor? Here’s the answer—lie it sideways. 

Whether you turn it upside down or sideways, a cube unit will serve its purpose. 

This is only inapplicable if the unit has legs at the bottom. In this case, it might look a bit awkward when placed sideways or upside down. 

6 Cube White Bookcase Wooden Display Unit Shelving Storage Bookshelf Shelves

Hack #5: Use Cube Units to Keep Sentimental Items

Personal effects displayed in our Anderson 6-Cube Unit
Anderson Cube Storage Unit - Oak Effect With Grey Cupboards

We’re bound to outgrow some of our belongings.

But sometimes, you don’t want to toss those items into a yard sale. You want to keep them.

Still, it’s frustrating because those same items can quickly become your dreaded enemy—clutter.

Before this happens, get a cube unit to come to the rescue. Dedicate it to old, but valuable possessions. Each shelf could hold memories from 1–5 years back. For instance, assign Shelf 1 to items you bought/used between 2005 and 2010, Shelf 2 for 2011–2016, and so on.

If you’re doing this for your kids’ room, you can dedicate a shelf to every year up until the child’s current age.

Hack #6: Use Cube Units as Nightstands

Display of a cube unit as a bedside stand”
2 Tier Storage Unit / White Bookcase

A nightstand makes bedtime easy and cozy. 

It eliminates the need to walk out of the warmth of your blanket and the comfort of your perfectly propped pillows to reach for your favorite book.

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just functional.

For instance, you could use that cube unit lying in your basement.

A portable cube unit will make a chic and functional nightstand. You can use it to keep:

  • Journals 
  • Jewellery 
  • A few writing materials for your midnight musings 
  • A little supply of tea and snacks for your 10pm cravings
  • Reading lamps

Cubes, Organisation and Style!

Testimonial from Charlene Grant

At Laura James, we are keen on functionality, simplicity and art.

We want your home to look as lovely as possible. Not just lovely, but lovely and suitable for your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tiny space or a big one, we make interior styling easy.

So when you’re done maximizing your cube unit, don’t forget to add spice to the rest of your home.

Go Scandi with our living room Scandinavian set, organise your study with our workroom furniture, or host Instagram-worthy garden parties with our rattan dining set.

Maybe you’ve bought your furniture and what you need are tips on styling them. Just like we ran you through this, we also provide other home tips.

When you shop with us or read our tips, you’ll realise one thing—at Laura James, it’s about you. It’s always been about you. 

“My delivery came so quickly and ran so smoothly. Especially in these uncertain times. The unit is great and so reasonably priced! Will definitely be shopping again with you!!”
— Jennifer McCabe

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