Laura James Shipping Delays

Shipping Disruption Update

At Laura James we want to ensure that customer service is our number one priority which is why we feel that it is important to be informative about any factors that may impact our service. Currently our delivery service is being affected due to the ongoing conflict in the Red Sea. As a result of this many commercial ships and carriers that take this regular route through the Red Sea have faced targeted attacks.  

The impact of this means that many shipping companies must now plan an alternative and longer route around Africa for the safety of those involved. This will mean there are longer lead times and reduced shipping capacity at the present time.  

We are currently working on rerouting our shipments to different UK ports to help get our deliveries to you as quickly as possible. We have also acknowledged all potential delays by amending our get it by dates to manage our customers' expectations. 

We are aware that sometimes things happen that may be beyond our control, and we appreciate your understanding and patience with us during this time.  

You can track your order here. 

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