The Jack geometric furniture range by Laura James brings a touch of uniqueness and modernity to your home. With its beautifully decorated geometric patterns and discreet black legs, this range offers a perfect blend of style and practicality for your living spaces.

So, what types of furniture does the Jack range include? You'll be spoilt for choice knowing that Jack features a stunning collection of pieces. From compact geometric 2 door sideboards in black, blue, and white to 3 door sideboards for larger areas, there's something for everyone. Compliment your geometric sideboards with one of Jacks tv-units, complete with the same geometric design and featuring two smaller doors to hide away movies or a console, as well as two shelves to nest books or your tv additions. If you're looking to complete the set throughout your home, we've got you covered with our all-new shoe cabinets perfect for you hallway. Whether you prefer sideboard-sized shoe cabinets or tall shoe storage solutions, we have the perfect match for you. Plus, all of our shoe cabinets are finished with the same eye-catching geometric pattern and colours from blue, black and white shoe cabinets.

But that's not all! The Jack furniture range comes with some extra features that make it even more appealing. One of these features is the push door function, which allows the cabinets to remain handleless and maintain a sleek, modern look. This means that all the attention is drawn to the beautifully designed geometric lines on the front of the doors. Additionally, each cabinet in the range features shelving to help you stay organised and keep your belongings and shoes in order.

With the Jack geometric furniture range, you can bring a touch of modern flair to your home while enjoying the practicality and functionality that it offers. Why wait? Bring your living spaces to life with the Jack range today!

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