The Laura James Sofa Buying Guide

Choosing a sofa is an exciting yet daunting task. Not only is it an investment in style as well as comfort, but there also a lot of things to consider from colour and shape to size and function. Here at Laura James we have curated a buying guide for you to make the whole process of sofa-buying easy. From two, three and four-seaters, classic to contemporary, Laura James have sofa options suitable for all rooms size and spaces. We are proud to say that our Georgia, Frankie and Taylor collections are built by skilled teams and handmade in the UK. 

Check out some of our helpful hints below to guide you on what size suits your home and how to measure up for the perfect fit. 

1. Decide what type of sofa you want.

A two seater sofa is best for smaller spaces, families and couples, or to compliment an armchair or love seat, if you are looking for optional seating in your home. A two seater sofa often has two seat cushions and two back cushions, or one long cushion with a fixed back cushion, and offers space for two people. A three seater sofa is great for two people who love to lounge or for seating three people in a more formal plan. A three seater will often have three seat and back cushions, or longer cushions to create the same space that three individual cushions would create. A four seater will look similar to the three but be wider in structure to accommodate an additional person or offer more space to lounge. Finally, a chaise-end sofa, this can be any size but you'll recognise it with the L shape, created by one end seat being longer than the rest. This is a perfect style for you and your family to lounge on and snuggle up on. 

2. Measure your space

To measure for your new sofa, clear the space in your room where you would like your new sofa to go. We suggest that you measure the maximum width and length of this space to give you an idea of the biggest sofa you can fit. You might also want to lay out a cut out of the size/shape of your new sofa too, just so you know how it will fit and look in the room. 
Top tip: don't forget to measure up for packaging dimensions. Size these up against your doorways and ceiling height, plus any narrow walkways like those in older properties or with lift access to top floor flats, to make sure you can get it in the room. 

3. Pick a material that suits your lifestyle and colour scheme

Laura James use both woven and velvet fabrics. Woven mix sofas combine cotton and manufactured fibres, to create a fabric which is practical, on trend and comfortable. Hard-wearing and flexible, woven mix sofa fabric holds its shape and colour, and its longevity and versatility make it a popular choice for households with children or pets.

Woven mix fabric sofas are available in neutral, dark and bold colours, making them an ideal option for any interior style. Woven fabrics are mainly synthetic fibres, so are manufactured to be super durable which is great for busy homes, kids and pets.

Velvet is known for having a deeper pile, due to the way it is woven, mainly in a cotton or polyester, – which means it adds luxury and warmth to your space. Velvet does require some care to maintain its beauty, so opt for throws and/or fabric stain remover if you have a fast-paced living space. Velvet has a flat pile, so dirt or pet hairs can be easily wiped away.

When it comes to colour, if you’re looking for something more versatile, we’d recommend a navy or grey velvet sofa. For interiors with earthier tones, you can also see yellow, clay or green velvet sofas. 

We are pleased to offer a swatch service for our Made in the UK sofa collection so you can see the colour and feel the texture of the fabric before you commit to a purchase. 

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Imagery by Adam Carter & Pedalo, Styling by Laura James, Flooring by Karndean, Paint by Coat