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With the summer holidays fast approaching, you may be expecting family and friends to come and visit for a few days, or your children are having summer sleepovers. Whilst the kids are still at school for the remaining few weeks of term it’s the perfect time to get organised! 

Consider where you have space to put your guests. Do you have a guest room? Perhaps it’s a case of the kids bunking in a room together to make extra space for friends and family. Investing in a practical and stylish sofa bed is the ideal solution for family sleepovers.  

Declutter & Tidy the Space 

Firstly, having a good sort out is always good idea, whatever time of year it is. Do you want to decorate an entire bedroom or simply need to declutter a spare room to make is guest worthy? Start with the clutter, toys, old clothes, and household admin. Make piles of items that need keeping and storing, things that can go to charity or items that need to be eliminated from the room.  

Consider storage solutions for the items that need to be kept in the spare bedroom for example a  blanket box is handy for toy storage or extra bedding and still looks tidy. Hide admin and tech in a gorgeous cabinet or invest in a desk with built in storage so that your work from home space looks neat and tidy.  

Spare Room 

The luxury of a guest bedroom means your guests have their own privacy and space which is great if you have family staying for longer than a couple of nights. The Una double sofa bed is ideal for a spare bedroom and easily folds out into a cosy double bed. Finished in plush velvet and available in deep blue, mustard, green and grey this fold out bed is perfect for a spare room that also needs to be functional like a home office or playroom.  

Small Space   

If you have a small space such as a box room study, then the Una single sofa bed is ideal. Available in four different shades of velvet including vibrant mustard yellow the Una folds up into a beautiful chair. The Una would also be suitable for an existing bedroom, as the chair could sit neatly in the corner and fold out when needed. This stylish chair then doubles up as a reading chair for a kid’s room or as a seat in a dressing room or bedroom. 

Guest Worthy  

To earn yourself those extra hosting points then let your guests stay in a chic and clutter free zone. Perhaps you could create some space for them to have a little storage for their things, a few extra hangers or just a clear bedside table or chest of drawers to keep their toiletries. You could invest in some new bedding and add a few little touches to the space such as fresh flowers, stacked books and a scented candle or diffuser.  

Create a gorgeous space for guests this summer with Laura James.  




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