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4 Interior Decor Tips for a Small Dining Table Set

There's a feeling of warmth and satisfaction that comes with eating in a homely space. Making memories within a neat, organised and stylish home. 

It's almost as though you can enjoy your meal better. You can taste the flavours and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection. 

The focal point of any dining room setting is of course a dining set, something you definitely do not want to rush choosing.

We’ve taken inspiration from our customers and interior designers to help you style an existing dining set, or pick the perfect one alongside choosing your dining décor, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

From modern styles to expert tips and chic settings, you'll be itching to start decorating once you're done here.

Tip 1: Use Minimal Décor for Small Dining Room Furniture

Let’s begin with a hard truth - small dining sets are, well, small. As such, you may not be able to decorate with all the ornaments you’ve dreamed about. 

Too much décor on a small dining table becomes clutter. When this happens, you may need to:

  • Transfer all the décor elsewhere before eating, or else
  • Push and bump into them while eating

Not only is this arrangement awkward, but it can also cause stress and make you not want to actually use your dining space: 

Testimonial from Sam

“...because many people identify so closely with their home environments, the extent to which it’s cluttered can interfere with the pleasure they experience when being in that environment."

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences (culled from Psychology Today)

Those cute decorative items you have in mind can decorate other living room furniture - there’s no need to cover one piece of furniture with all of them.

Tip 2: Style Small Dining Sets Like an Interior Designer 

Sometimes the question of clutter or no clutter depends on your arrangement.

It's possible for things to look crowded with only a few items. By contrast, it’s possible to decorate with more items without compromising space. To achieve the latter, you need to think like an interior designer.

Interior design requires strategic positioning, especially when it comes to small spaces. Here are a few tricks to maximise your tablespace: 

  • Use slim flower vases.
  • If you must place several items on your dining table, invest in a turntable organiser. It takes up little space, and it’s multifunctional.
  • Choose lighter shades for table mats and decor. Studies of optical illusion have proven that light colours accentuate the amount of space present. Meanwhile, dark shades make small spaces look cramped, even if there isn't much there.
  • Practise the one-in-one-out-rule. Each time you add an item to a small dining table, take one out. Cut the pile before it builds.
  • After decorating, set the table with dishware to see if there's adequate space left.  

White extendable dining table with two chairs set beside a window

Tip 3: Carry the Entire Room Along

Carry the Entire Room Along

What happens when your dining set is picture-perfect but is surroundings aren’t? Not so sweet, eh?

Your dining room should be as attractive as your table set. Where possible, let themes align.

For instance; if your dining room is small, extend the optical illusion principle to the rest of the room - incorporate light tones and fewer details. This way, the entire space, not just the dining set, will be free from visual clutter.

Some other contemporary themes to compliment small dining sets include:

Drop-down Dining Room Furniture

Do you love romantic dinners with dim lights and wine? Then make it happen.

Setting the scene only takes a drop-down lamp. Not only will this lamp create an intimate atmosphere, it will also give the dining room a distinct look.

Oak dining set with four rustic benches and three drop-down lamps

For a little extra touch, put some candles on the tabletop. Our lovely customer, @interiorthirtythree tried this, and it looks striking and elegant: 

Scandinavian Modern Dining 

No matter the décor you've chosen for your table set, a Scandinavian theme for the rest of the room won't be a contrast.

Let's take a moment to explain the Scandi design:

During their lifetime, Scandinavian architects Arne Jacobsen, Josef Frank and Maija Isola created architecture and interior decor in light of:

  • Functionalism
  • Minimalism
  • Surrealism
  • Beauty 

Rather than bulky and visually chaotic furniture, their preferences were lightweight and open underneath.

They would also incorporate nature into their design through their choice of colours, and use of plants and natural wood.

Combined, this styling gives homeowners a sense of calm. Since the furniture is open, it also keeps spaces free from the appearance of clutter. 

Our Oak Coloured Hurla Scandinavian living room collection
Hulra Coffee Table - Scandinavian - White

Modern interior designers are now adopting the Scandinavian touch, and you can too. As we mentioned earlier, even if you don’t have Scandi dining sets, you can still borrow from this theme. All you need are:

  • Relaxing colours
  • Minimal, but cute decor
  • Interpretations of nature (like live plants, natural wood, and paintings of nature)

Neutral colours and tan tones are absolute must-haves in a Scandinavian collection, but you can go a bit brighter with:

  • Pastel shades 
  • Sage green 
  • Ice or sky blue

Millennial pink is also gaining fame in modern Scandi design, and it's easy to see why. When our wonderful customer @Ivfirsthome used it, we couldn’t stop staring.

Observe how the pink compliments the dominant white in the picture below. At the same time, it accentuates the oak wood colour of the floor and dining chairs: 

The ultimate and final rule of a Scandi home is minimalism, so don’t forget to declutter!

Tip 4: Use Plants to Make a Bold Statement on Dining Table Sets 

And then there are those of us who love to be dramatic. We don’t want much on the table, just one or two items that make a bold statement. 

The plant in the above picture screams look at me! Out of all the furniture in that room, it's probably the first thing anyone will notice. That table is its territory, and it dominates it in the best way possible.

Don't you also love the way the floor mat underneath complements the entire table set?

This stylish arrangement by @hanshomex is simple, yet daring, modern and unique.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Extendable Dining Tables?

Extendable dining tables are pieces of adjustable home furniture built with leaves or extensions. They offer additional table inches without eating up room space. When you’re in need of a little extra space, you can simply pull out the extensions. And when not in use, you can fit them back in. 

What is the First Thing to Consider When Buying Dining Tables and Chairs?

Space. Consider the room that will house your dining tables and chairs. What size table set would be most appropriate? A small two-seater, or a big eight-seater?

Any home furniture would be a nuisance if it’s bigger than the space carved out for it. At the same time, if your table set is too small for the room it's placed in, it might look awkward like a child in oversized clothing. This is especially true if you don’t intend to fill out bare spaces with any other piece of furniture.

After deciding what size dining set you need, you can then move to technical details like durability and affordability.

Where Can I Buy Dining Chairs?  

From our Inge chairs to our Sheffield benches, you can purchase dining chairs by shopping our collection of dining chairs.

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Dream with Us

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