Modern Patio Furniture: 4 Inspiring Decor Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Great patio furniture turns your home into a little paradise, where you can relax with your family, host parties, and enjoy picnics.

After a long day of work, there's nothing better than relaxing at home with a glass of wine and good company.

However, when you're looking to enjoy an evening on your patio, you want to make sure that your furniture is comfortable, durable, and stylish.

We’ve put together some inspiration to share some wonderful home patio decor ideas that you can implement in your outdoor space. You’ll also learn:

  • Why you need stylish outdoor furniture
  • The best outdoor furniture for summer
  • Why synthetic rattan is the best material for outdoor furniture
  • Things to consider when buying patio furniture

We’ll start by showing you inspiring decor ideas for an easy patio makeover.

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1 - Ackley Wooden Outdoor Dining Set

Ackley wooden outdoor dining SetAckley Wooden Outdoor Dining Set

Ackley Wooden Garden Furniture is a beautiful, hand-crafted acacia wood furniture set with sturdy construction that complements any outdoor space.

The set features six foldable chairs, an LED premium parasol, and one elegantly finished table.

The table has a rich brown colour and appealing natural grain that'll look great against any backdrop, be it on grassy lawns in springtime or under an aluminium patio gazebo during winters.

You can mount your parasol to this table and seamlessly blend it into the set's design, all while protecting you from the sun.

The chairs are foldable, making it easier to stash them in your shed when not in use and saving you more storage space.

The fact that the furniture is made of acacia wood means that you'll enjoy durable patio furniture.

Acacia wood has long been considered one of the best materials for making outdoor furniture. This is because it’s dense, weather-resistant, durable and sustainably grown.

The table below shows how acacia wood furniture compares with other materials used to make patio furniture.

Feature Acacia Synthetic Resin Wrought Iron
Durability Highly durable Durable Durable
Weather perseverance Resistant to moisture and wind Waterproof, resistant to sun and wind Rusts when exposed to moisture
Comfort Comfortable with or without cushions Comfortable Comfortable but gets hot on sunny days and cold at winters
Aesthetics Beautiful and matches any backdrop Attractive Attractive
Maintenance Needs less maintenance Does not need any maintenance Needs constant painting to prevent it from rusting
Eco-friendliness Environmentally-friendly and can be sustainably sourced Synthetic resins like fibreglass resin are not biodegradable, making them unfriendly to the environment Can be recycled

Did we mention how beautiful this set is? Its sleek dark wood appearance makes it perfect for any modern patio decorating style, whether you prefer a minimalist chic or a super-stylish outdoor setting.


2 - Eight-Seater Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set

 8 seater rattan cube outdoor dining set
8 Seater Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set

The Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set is the best furniture during summers. It's lightweight, easy to maintain, resistant to UV rays and, best of all, it's aesthetically pleasing.

When compared to other materials, synthetic rattan is durable, which makes it the best for outdoor furniture.

Here’s why:

  • Rattan is waterproof unlike materials like metal and wood which are both affected by moisture. Metal furniture rusts when exposed to moisture while wood expands and changes shape.
  • Rattan does not crack or fade away when exposed to sunlight, unlike plastic.
  • Rattan is very light, which makes it easy to move around. Iron and wood, on the other hand, are dense and heavy.

Our Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set is made of a high-quality rattan woven into a sturdy and attractive frame.

The set includes a 111 x 111 x 74 cm tempered glass table top. Tempered glass is strong and resistant to breakage, and in case of a spill, glass is easy to clean. When paired with a parasol, it creates a sophisticated look to your patio furniture while also protecting you from the hot sun.

The furniture also features four chairs and four rattan footstools, with seat cushions of 5 cm thick foam and polyester covers. This provides comfort, and the added footstools provide a perfect spot for stretching your legs and putting your feet up.

The chairs and footstools can easily be stacked under the table when not in use, making them perfect for smaller yards. To give your yard a strikingly gorgeous appearance, have a look at this piece that offers decor ideas for rattan outdoor furniture.

So if you're looking for patio furniture that’ll stand up against wear and tear over time, this furniture set is just what you need.

3 - Maia Garden Corner Sofa

display of a Maia garden corner sofa
Maia Garden Corner Sofa

When picking outdoor furniture, you need to consider the space of your yard, durability, comfort and aesthetics. Luckily, the Maia Garden Corner Sofa checks all the factors on your list.

The furniture has an elegant design that will add beauty to any patio setting, while also providing comfortable seating for entertaining guests or relaxing with friends on warm summer evenings.

The sofa is made from a durable, brawny steel frame that can withstand a harsh environment, so you won't have to worry about rust or other weather-related deterioration.

The sofa has an L-shaped design, which means it can fit in the corners of your patio without taking up too much space. This provides an attractive way to maximise seating outdoors while still allowing plenty of room for people walking on the patio.

One end of the sofa features a steel armrest that provides a supportive position for your arms and eases muscle tension.

The other end has a table that’s ideal for placing drinks, snacks or your favourite book.

The garden sofa also comes with the following:

  • A wooden coffee table that provides more space for your snacks and drinks
  • Canvas cushions that complement the entire set
  • A parasol that protects you from intense sunlight

Expert Tip: It’s best to put the Maia Garden Corner Sofa at the corner of your yard where there will be less foot traffic. This ensures that you don’t trip on other people’s feet as you walk past the patio.


4 - Hebe Garden Sofa Set

Hebe garden furnitureHebe Garden Sofa Set

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some afternoon sun. During this time, everyone is looking forward to lounging outside on patios and decks. The last thing you want is to be stuck with uncomfortable furniture that doesn't keep you cool.

Enter the Hebe Garden Sofa Set and bistro chair set. The set comes with one sofa that can accommodate two people, two bistro chairs, and a coffee table.

The sofa is designed with a durable, powder-coated steel frame, which is extremely resistant to flaking, corrosion and fading. The seating material is made from weatherproof PE string that helps keep you cool and refreshed during hot summers.

Hebe chairs are also easy to move around your garden, allowing you to easily choose the perfect seating area.

After purchasing one of our Hebe garden sofa sets, Naomi Fleming couldn’t help but say this:

“The set is very comfortable and looks good. To the point that my neighbours have ordered one in grey.”
Naomi Fleming, UK

If you’re looking for patio furniture where everyone can be comfortable reading in the shade while enjoying a glass of lemonade, this set is perfect! The best part is that the patio furniture comes with a price that doesn’t break your bank account.


Find the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to outfitting your outdoor space, details count. Whether you're just looking to set up a pleasant spot in your garden or are adding an outdoor oasis to your patio, excellent outdoor furniture has a big impact on the look and feel of your space. Visit our Outdoor Rugs collection for extra outdoor living décor.

In fact, having stylish outdoor furniture on your patio allows you to complement your home's existing design. It also enables you to enjoy a backyard barbeque with friends or spend time with your family outdoors in comfort.

If that's something that excites you, it's time to beautify your patio to make it more elegant and welcoming.

At Laura James, we are committed to helping you choose the best decor for your home. You can check our wide selection of garden furniture to find what compliments your taste, design, and the nature of your garden.

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