Our Furniture as the Star Signs

February 01, 2022

Our Furniture as the Star Signs - Laura James

Not sure what décor theme suits your home whilst complementing your individual style? Or struggling to decide between big bolds or neat neutrals? 

We've taken a look at the zodiac signs and matched some of our furniture pieces to suit your traits. Your next purchase really is written in the stars...


21st March - 19th April

Una single sofa bed - yellow - Laura James

Una Single Sofa Bed - Yellow

As the fiery and passionate sign, you'll want to incorporate bright and bold colours into your home. Whether that be in the form of furnishings like cushions and throws, or accent furniture pieces to make your room pop. You'll want your home to match your big personality.

That's why the Una single sofa bed in yellow is the perfect match for you! The bold colour adds a touch of fun to your furniture and is an ideal place to start incorporating different tones to your home. 


20th April - 20th May

Daisy double ottoman bed - grey velvet - Laura James
Daisy Double Ottoman Bed

After a hard day at work, you want to come home to a space you can relax in from the moment you walk through the door. If you had to choose one thing for your space it would be comfort.  As an earth sign, neutral toned colours appeal to you most, especially those with beige and brown undertones.

It's only right that a sign that loves relaxation as much as Taurus should be paired with a bed. That's why you and the Daisy double bed would make the perfect pair. The neutral grey will transform your space into a restful retreat that is ideal for an evening of self care. 


21st May - 21st June

Paul extendable dining table with 4 chairs - large - Laura James
Paul Large Extendable Dining Table with 4 Chairs

Gemini's are known for being impulsive, therefore keeping up with the latest interior trends is a must have for you. You're always looking for ways to give your home a little refresh and love to have a little bit of variety between your rooms. You also love to socialise, and the furniture in your home should reflect this and be able to adapt to your guests. 

With this in mind, the Paul extendable dining table set would be a perfect match! This extendable dining range is perfect for going from evening meals to dinner party in a matter of seconds. The white and natural wood finish gives a scandi vibe that is so on trend right now and is so easy to adapt into new trends as they evolve. 


22nd June - 22nd July

Elodie 2 seater sofa - grey velvet - Laura James

Elodie Classic 2 Seater Sofa

Cancer, your space should be the definition of 'home sweet home'. Known for your highly intuitive and emotional nature, your home needs to be a space that you can feel safe in, therefore cosy and comfortable are a definite priority for you.

Known for its plush, cloud like cushions, the Elodie classic sofa would be a perfect place for you to curl up with a book and escape the outside world when you need too. The buttoned details on the arms add a classic touch to create a timeless and elegant look in your home.


23rd July - 22nd August

Evelyn coffee table in antique brass - Laura James
Evelyn Coffee Table

You're likely to be creative and you love bringing a luxe feel to your home. You also love to incorporate a mirror, or two, so you can always make sure that you and your home are looking best! This means you should look for art deco inspired statement furniture, that incorporate metallic tones like gold or brass for a luxurious feel.

We think that the Evelyn coffee table would look gorgeous in your home and would suit you and your style. Simple yet definitely a statement piece, the brass effect finish brings a touch of elegance to your home that you will love!



23rd August- 22nd September

Tessa click clack sofa bed - light grey - Laura James
Tessa Click Clack Sofa Bed - Light Grey

You want your home to look tasteful and on trend, whilst keeping the clutter at a minimum. You are more likely to take a minimalist approach to you decor and love things that will help to keep your home functional. If you can read, relax and nap all in one spot, then that's your idea of heaven!

When it comes to a Virgo home, Tessa sofa bed definitely understands the assignment. By day she provides the perfect place to sit and watch your favourite tv series then by night she transforms into a bed perfect for guests or a movie night with friends.



23rd September - 23rd October

Hope dining chair set - light blue - Laura James
Hope Dining Chair Set - Blue

As a sign ruled by Venus, you are a lover of all things calm. When it comes to colour in your home, you look for shades of blue or soft toned pinks and are more likely to incorporate these than neutral shades. You love trend led pieces and want to create an elegant and sophisticated look in your home.

You're likely to be looking for a space that is great for entertaining, as you love hosting guests in your home. Based on this the Hope dining chair set would be a great addition to your space. With a sleek design and an on trend velvet finish, this dining chair set is definitely compatible with your home. 


24th October - 21st November

Charlie sideboard with cane front - black - Laura James
Charlie Sideboard - Black

Being the dark and mysterious sign, you will likely reflect this in your home décor. You love to embrace bold or dark colours and aren't afraid to incorporate black furniture pieces into your home. You have a great eye for detail and also love statement pieces. Your home is likely to be filled with well thought out decor that instantly catches your eye.

When we think Scorpios, we instantly think of our Charlie sideboard in black. The woven rattan detailing is perfectly on trend right now and adds a touch of detail to your decor. 



22nd November - 21st December

Ayla chest of drawers - 4 drawers - light oak effect - Laura James
Ayla Chest of Drawers - Light Oak Effect

You're adventurous and love to travel, so something that brings the outdoors in would be perfect for your home. Natural materials are your thing, and keeping your space feeling bright and breezy is a must. 

The Ayla chest of drawers is finished with a light oak effect that is ideal for bringing a natural feel to your interiors. The neutral tone helps to elevate the room and makes it easily pair with your favourite colours to create a space you've dreamed of. 



22nd December - 19th January

Sheffield industrial corner desk - Laura James
Sheffield Corner Desk

Capricorns love all things traditional, and this is reflected in their decor style too. As the most workaholic sign of the zodiac, you're in need of the perfect office space that also reflects your style too, plus a spot to unwind in when the day is done.

We think the Sheffield corner desk would be the perfect addition to your home. A timeless yet modern style that provides plenty of surface space for working too. The industrial wood finish adds a natural element to give that traditional feel to your home.



20th January - 18th February

Gloria small sideboard - sage green - Laura James
Gloria Small Sideboard - Sage Green

Style is at the heart of everything you do and your home is no exception. Being trend led is second nature and you're always on the hunt for the next big thing. You love modern looking interiors that combine unique deco elements like curved lines and bold colours. 

The stars align for you and the Gloria small sideboard. A sleek silhouette gives a modern feel, whilst the curvy carved details add that unique touch that you want in your home. Not to mention the sage green finish that is so on trend right now!


19th February - 20th March

Elle double ottoman bed - blue - Laura James

Elle Double Ottoman Bed - Blue

Everything about this sign is connected to water, therefore shades of blues and teals will help you to create your tranquil space. You see your home as your personal retreat and a place to hide from the world, therefore it is key that you have a comfortable, cosy home.

We couldn't think of a better space for you to drift off into a daydream than the Elle ottoman bed in blue. The beautiful blue tone will help you channel your inner Pisces whilst the soft velvet finish adds a comfortable feel to your home. 

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