Transforming Your Space with Laura James Home Accessories

February 10, 2023

Transforming Your Space with Laura James Home Accessories - Laura James

Ready for a change? Now is the perfect time to reset, have a declutter and refresh your space without doing an entire decorating job. If you’re looking to update your home but don’t really have a big budget, then adding a few accessories here and there can make a huge difference and you won’t need to pick up a paint brush. The latest home accessory range from Laura James includes stylish vases, elegant ornaments, and chic planters along with a selection of gorgeous cushion covers and must-have wall art.   

Add Softness & Texture 

Start with soft furnishings, even changing a few cushion covers can really make a difference when it comes to changing the look of the living room. You may want to introduce a few statement cushions with stylish prints or simply add some coloured cushions to your sofa. Alternatively create a Scandi feel by layering up cushions and throws in neutral colours with plenty of textures like velvet and embroidery. A rug can also transform a corner or space anywhere in the home. Natural fibres like seagrass, jute and wicker are still a big trend and they work well with any colour scheme.  

Laura James Home Accessories Velvet Cushions

Experiment with Shelf Styling 

Ornaments and trinkets are a great way to refresh a shelf or fireplace. If you have a deep shelf then grouping a few pieces together works well, but remember to use different heights so that all objects are visible. For instance, a taller vase would sit well behind a candle and a trinket dish. Play with books too, stack a few books horizontally and vertically to make your shelves a bit more interesting. If your interior taste is quite bold then you may want shelves full of colours and statement pieces like quirky bookends or you could colour block books and objects together. However, if you want a more minimal approach then stick to a few black and white pieces that will look both modern and chic.  

Laura James Harris Shelf Home Accessories

Get Creative with Walls 

Walls don’t have to be plain, especially if they are white then you can have fun adding different pieces of artwork. Hanging a piece of wall art adds personality and can create a focal point in a room. Opt for a single statement piece to hang over a fireplace or bed or create a gallery wall with several pieces of art. If you prefer an eclectic look then add difference sized pieces to your gallery and mix in a few family photos, postcards or quotes as well abstract pieces and let your gallery grow organically.  

Laura James Wall Art Home Accessories

Mirrors are another way to make your blank walls stand out. Any mirror will help create the illusion of space by reflecting natural light around. You could incorporate a mirror in a statement gallery wall or simply hang a larger mirror on it’s own allowing it to take centre stage. Choose a large round mirror in black for a stylish finish or opt for a gold frame for something a little more luxurious  

Laura James Home Accessories Mirrors

Go Green  

Whether you like the real deal or prefer to fake it, adding a few house plants is an easy way to freshen up your home in time for spring. Try dotting a few little ones like succulents or cacti on shelves or adding a larger plant to a corner in the kitchen or living room. By placing a plant in one of the Laura James stylish planters you will instantly elevate the space.  

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