Working from home: Top tips - Laura James

Working from home: Top tips

1. Dawn to Desk

Make your desk do all the work and stay on top of your productivity. Choosing the right desk for your office space is key to making sure that your space works for your needs.

Corner desks are perfect for smaller rooms as they fit neatly into the corner of a room, leaving plenty of floor space available still. Our Marie compact desk is also a great addition to a small space, or for creating a work space in a bedroom.

L-Shaped desks are ideal for those with multiple screens or for those who like to keep on side of their desk for typing and the other for writing.

Whether you have a dedicated space to work or need to transform a small area in your home, you can choose from various styles of desks to suit the space.
See our range of desks including corner and compact styles.

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Duri velvet & linen office chair

Duri office chair

2. Take a Seat

Seating is arguably the most important part of your office. A comfortable place to sit is key to getting through hours of work.

Cushioned seating makes getting through emails much easier, our Sheffield office chairs come with a built in cushion and arm rests for support.

Most of our Office chairs feature a 360 degree swivel chair so that reaching parts of your desk is easier and quicker. Our Anna office chair also features wheels and is perfect for pairing with a larger l-shaped desk.

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Tracy grey velvet 2 seater sofa

Tracy 2 Seater Sofa in Velvet

3. Set a Schedule

Working from home can be difficult, not having to get ready for face to face contact and only having to walk across the hall to your desk can lead to a lack of motivation. Create a structure to your day by setting yourself a schedule for the work day ahead. Make sure that you allow yourself time to get prepared in the morning before you start for the day, and wind up at the time you would normally leave the office.

Home and office life need to remain separate so make sure that you allow yourself to disconnect during the evenings by turning off your computer and stepping away from it.

It’s also important to have a lunch break. If you can get out for some fresh air and get some steps in to keep your serotonin levels high.

Una Green Velvet Sofa Bed

Una Single Sofa bed in Green Velvet

4. Have a break out space

Mix up your working space to keep your ideas flowing and concentration at a high. Add a small sofa for extra a comfortable seating option where you can enjoy a quick break, or answer a few emails in a more chilled out environment.

Or, allow your home office to be a comfortable spare room by incorporating a sofa bed. It'll be perfect for creating a lounge area to enjoy your coffee break and will easily transform into a sleep space at the weekend.

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Charlie black rattan hallway cabinet

Charlie Small Sideboard in Black

4. Declutter your Space

When it comes to keeping your desk and office organised, less is more is key.
We're in agreement that a tidy space equals a tidy mind, therefore opt for easy storage solutions to hide away clutter and keep essentials close to hand.

Keep paperwork tidy with a bookcase, cube storage unit or add another storage option like a sideboard or hallway cabinet.

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Sheffield tall bookcase

Sheffield Tall Bookcase

5. 20-20-20 Rule

Make sure that you look after your eyes and follow the 20-20-20 rule.

‘Take a break of at least 20 seconds, every 20 minutes and to look at least 20 feet away.’

Prioritising our health and welling being can be difficult but make sure to keep your eye sight in good condition by liming screen time where you can.

Also, make sure to get up and stretch every few hours to keep your blood flowing and ensure that you don’t get stiff while sat at your desk.

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