Anya Glass Dining Table Set - 6 Seater - Black

101 Chic Decor Ideas for Glass Dining Table and Chairs

A glass dining table is a timeless decor classic that suits any dining room. Whether the table is black, white or clear, a glass table blends in with your dining room aesthetic.

However, it can look empty when no one is eating at the table.

How to decorate your dining room and make it look lived in? What to put on the table beside a regular fruit bowl?

A few touch-ups can breathe new life into an otherwise neutral glass dining table.

Simple decor pieces such as flowers and candles highlight your beautiful glass table. A new chair setup or colourful tablecloths transform it completely.

Clear Glass Dining Tables With Unique Centrepieces

clear glass dining table with white faux leather chairs
Anya Glass Dining Table Set - 6 Seater - White

A centrepiece is an eye-catching item placed at the centre of your clear glass table. Clear glass tables have a habit of blending into dining rooms—which makes interesting central pieces a must. 

The main piece can be the largest or the tallest thing you place on the table or:

  • A uniquely shaped item that complements the dining room aesthetic
  • A distinctly coloured item that matches your interior walls, chairs or a rug

The centrepiece looks different on every dining room table. Some prefer flower arrangements and candles, while others find unusual ornaments work best.

It’s entirely up to you, but keep in mind that the centrepiece sets the tone for the rest of the dining room decor. Once you choose your key item, build on it with other details that share its accent to create a cohesive interior design story.

The table below suggests how to include these details when decorating your clear glass dining table:

glass objects for table centrepiece

Glass focal pieces, such as candle holders, vases and quirky ornaments, match the elegance of a glass table

tall silver candlesticks for a table

Unique candlesticks are a popular central decor item that pairs well with other accessories that share a silver accent

mirrored tray with a cocktail

A mirrored tray with a brass accent makes a convenient centrepiece on which you can put your coasters, extra glasses or flower arrangements

handmade bowls and vases

Imperfect handmade clay vases set the tone as a white centrepiece

white roses in a tin vase

Fresh-cut flowers in a vase lift the atmosphere in the dining rooms and add a dash of natural elegance

pile of books on the table

Stacks of books or magazines waiting on the table also create the focal point of the table

plates with floral patterns on a purple tablecloth

A glass table is neutral by default. Change things up with a colourful tablecloth

black tablecloth for formal dinner

When you want something different, a black tablecloth turns the space into a luxurious formal dining room

brown underplate under festive plates

Underplates are available in any colour imaginable. Choose hues that complement your central piece

soft light pink rug

Light beige or champagne coloured rug highlights the contemporary dining room look

colourful patterned rug up close

A rug with ornaments ties the decor together if it features colours you use throughout the dining decor

navy blue rug texture

A navy blue rug introduces a calming colour you can work with when deciding on your central piece

two stacked wooden chairs

White wooden chairs work well with white or wooden centrepieces

set of light blue chairs

The light blue chair set brings a dash of colour. It suits the centrepiece in a lighter or darker hue of blue

two grey dinner chairs

Grey chairs are neutral additions that give you freedom on what you can use as a key table piece

Use Contrast to Highlight Black Glass Dining Tables

black glass dining table with black faux leather chairs
Anya Glass Dining Table Set - 4 Seater - Black

Spotlight your black glass dining tablewith contrasting accessories and splashes of colour. You can achieve that by adding:

  • Lights in the form of interesting candles and jars with fairy lights
  • Colourful elements with either vivid, bright or neutral tones that pair well with black
  • Golden accents, which contrast with the black, and form a luxurious look

Want to reinvent your black glass dining room table?

Cover the table with a tablecloth to protect its surface and alter it into something new. Another way to shake things up is by replacing your set of chairs or using different chair covers.

From the table below, you can get some ideas on how to implement those touchups in your home:

gilded fork, knife and spoon

Golden silverware or any other gilded decoration elevates elegant glass tables

black jug linked using kintsugi technique

Kintsugi (the art of fixing broken pottery with gold) pots and bowls are a unique way to introduce a golden accent

two candles in stone cups

Candles are popular centrepieces because they create a sense of warmth on a black dining table

succulents on a black glass table

Artificial succulents in interesting pots liven up a black table

sunflowers in a glass vase

Primary coloured flowers such as vivid yellow sunflowers or red roses contrast with black glass tables

colourful flowers in a head-shaped vase

White elements are a great choice for contrasting focal points that highlight a black table

white tablecloth and black chairs

On the night when you want to transform your black table, nothing does it like a white tablecloth

purple table runners on the black table

Table runners in darker shades of your favourite colour accentuate black tables

light brown placemats on the black table

Light-coloured placemats add a pop of colour and reintroduce a black table as the main character

dark blue antique carpet

An antique carpet brings a moody look to your dining room setup

different colourful rug options

Colourful carpets lighten up dining rooms with black tables

black and white rug

Black and white rugs emphasise a modern aesthetic that thrives on simplicity, contrast and geometric shapes

brown dining chairs with white legs

Brown dining chairs are another way to add colour while remaining faithful to the antique look

ocre yellow chair set

The Ochre chair set matches the black glass table and spells happiness with its distinctive hue of yellow

two cream-coloured chairs with black legs

Cream-coloured chairs highlight and contrast with the black table

Decorate White Glass Dining Tables With Homey Pieces

white glass dining table with white faux leather chairs
Anya Glass Dining Table Set - 4 Seater - White

We spend time in our dining rooms with our loved ones, and it’s important to make it feel lived in and warm. Decor elements that evoke the comforts of home are:

  • Soft warm rug under your feet
  • The warm glow of natural light
  • Bowls and trays for presenting desserts or teapots for afternoon tea
  • Natural elements such as fresh flowers or wooden accents

Minor decor tweaks such as a wooden platter, a dash of coloured napery, lit candles and luxurious plants can make the dining room inviting and cosy.

Use decor inspiration from the table below to create a sense of home in your dining room:

three figs on the plate

A plate or a bowl of seasonal fruit at the table isn’t revolutionary, but it can add that element of nature to the dining room

glass bell storage with treats

Glass bell for keeping desserts fresh is a stylish way to add a place for treats on your table. You can fill it with croissants, macaroons or homemade muffins

Teapot and cups on a wooden tray

A long tray with a tea set ready for afternoon gathering around tea is a beautiful and warming central table element

bouquet of flowers in the red jug

Colourful flowers uplift a white dining room

golden candlesticks on the white table

Golden candle holders are sophisticated centrepieces for any cosy modern interior

lit candles on the wicker tray

Wicker trays with candles or seasonal decorations bring a sense of comfort with warm colours

light brown table runner

Table runners featuring earth tones introduce organic elements into the interior space

pink tulle on the white table

A tulle tablecloth is a romantic addition to a fancy dinner setup that complements the white table

dark green picnic tablecloth

Indoor picnic tablecloths bring nature inside because we associate it with the times we spend outdoors

colourful rug on the floor

A vibrant, colourful rug is an easy way to add colour to any dining room

warm grey carpet covering the floor

A grey rug is neutral but still adds a soft texture to your interior

grey and blue rug

Rug featuring different shades of blue brings a calm and relaxing feeling to your dining room

margot dining chairs with brass legs

Blue chairs with a brass accent bring some colour to a dining room interior

cream-coloured dining chair with black legs

A comfortable beige chair is a simple yet chic addition to your dining room

grey chairs with gold effect

Grey chairs with a gold effect are an elegant way to include a warm gold accent on your table

Endless Decor Options With Glass Table Decor

Glass dining tables allow a lot of freedom. They work in minimalist modern spaces, luxury villas and cottage-inspired interiors alike.

Experiment with different elements when choosing what feels right for your space.

Minor decor tweaks that have a major impact on glass tables are:

  • Freshly cut flowers, flower arrangements or artificial plants
  • Glass, golden or silver candleholders
  • Unique vases and fruit bowls
  • Bold statement or warm neutral rugs

You can up your table game by changing up your chair set with:

  • Colourful chairs
  • Wooden or metal chairs

Check out our store for more chic furniture pieces that bring the sense of home back to your dining room and become one of our happy customers like Jenna: 

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