Marston 6 Seater Rattan Dining Set - Rattan Garden Furniture - Grey

The Best Rattan Furniture for Al Fresco Summer Dinners

When you think about the summer, it brings up feelings of good cheer and sheer pleasure. And nothing says summer like dining al fresco with friends and family; it truly brings out the best in all of us.

Rattan furniture is the best pick if you want to have the true al fresco feel. It’s reminiscent of warm nights in the Mediterranean and fine dining under low and soft lighting, and is a must-have for your garden, patio or backyard.

Rattan furniture has been in existence since the Ancient Egyptian era. Over the years, it’s been a staple piece in warmer climates and later popular during the summer in countries like the UK.

At Laura James, we produce only the best quality Rattan furniture for your home, and our pieces are made deliberately and elegantly with our clientele in mind.

Here’s a handy list of Rattan pieces to make all your al fresco summer dinners dreamy, comfortable, and memorable:

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Below, we go in-depth into each of these choices;

2 Seater Rattan Egg Chair Bistro Set

2 Seater Rattan Egg Chair Bistro Set from Laura James
2 Seater Rattan Egg Chair Bistro Set - Grey

Do you fancy an intimate dinner for two?

Then this sublime two-seater rattan dining set is the right fit for you. The seats have a lovely egg shape, set to comfortably hold your frame when you lean over.

The egg-shaped seats are a space saver and can fit into a nice corner of your  garden; plus, they’re very easy to pack away. The two bistro style seats also come with a glass-topped rattan table, and you have the option of having them in grey, black and mixed brown.

Because this set will be outside most of the year, it is incredibly durable and weather-resistant, thanks to its powder-coated steel frame. The seats’ padded cushions can be stored indoors and wiped down if any dust gets on them.

Being so affordable means you can treat yourself to one here and soak in the summer night’s breeze.

Kemble 8 Seater Rattan Dining Table Set

Kemble 8 Seater Rattan Dining Table Set from Laura James
Kemble 8 Seater Rattan Dining Table Set In Brown - Garden Furniture Outdoor

This sleek rattan dining set is a very hip and modern addition to any patio, especially if you have quite some space to play around with. This eight-seater with high back chairs comes with a glass top round table, and the glass is tempered so you can comfortably serve your hot meals.

The set comes in handy for dinners with more people, and the round table makes for effortless flow and movement to and from the dining table. The high back chairs offer excellent back support and comfort; you and your guests can enjoy your dinner from dusk to dawn.

Testimonial from Sharon

The Kemble eight-seater also comes with a parasol (and its base) to shield you and your dining guests from the heat and the rain. The parasol opens and closes smoothly and can be adjusted depending on the sun’s direction.

To make this lustrous addition to your garden space, look here.

Cote Garden Sofa Set — LED Cantilever Parasol

Cote Garden Sofa Set - LED Cantilever Parasol from Laura James

Simple, stylish and convenient is what best describes the Cote Garden 4 Seater sofa set. This four-seater rattan set is modern and cosy; it has both back cushions and seat ones, offering all-around support as you enjoy a nice cool drink in the evenings.

The set consists of a two-seater sofa and two armchairs, giving you ample space to kick back and unwind with your loved ones.

In addition, the cantilever parasol is by nature designed to extend horizontally and get support from one end, thus offering 360-degree sun protection. It also has 25 LED lights built in the parasol frame to light up the breezy nights.

One of our clients had the pleasure of purchasing this particular set, and they have these kind words to say:

Client testimonial for the Cote Garden Sofa Set - LED Cantilever Parasol from Laura James

10 Seat Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set With LED Premium Parasol and Parasol Rain Cover

10 Seat Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set With LED Premium Parasol And Parasol Rain Cover
10 Seat Rattan Cube Outdoor Dining Set With LED Premium Parasol And Parasol Rain Cover

The saying the more, the merrier, best describes this whopping 10-seater rattan cube outdoor dining set. This is a perfect addition for your patio if you often have several guests around, be it family or friends.

The set is an excellent value for money; aside from the six rattan chairs and four rattan footstools, it comes with a glass-topped dining table with a parasol hole, seat cushions, an LED Parasol and a parasol rain cover.

One excellent feature that this 10-seater has is its compactness. The table doubles up as the parasol base, and the footstools can fit right under the seats, which then fit tightly under the table.

The options are limitless with this classy rattan set; you can comfortably host a barbeque, a family lunch, or even a get together with friends without feeling short on space.

Get this statement piece right here, and be the host with the most.

Kemble 2 Seater Rattan Bistro Dining Set in Brown

Kemble 2 Seater Rattan Bistro Dining Set In Brown

Two’s company and three is a crowd, so keep it simple with this divinely designed two-seater rattan bistro garden set. If you like to go easy on the guests and maybe only have one or two friends around, this sophisticated pair of seats and table is a worthy addition to your garden space.

The seats have comfortable padded cushions that make sitting outside and soaking up the sun for hours quite feasible. This set doesn’t have a parasol, but the chairs and table are made using 100% weatherproof rattan to withstand the summer heat and the colder months.

This low maintenance set is a must-have; get it here.

We can assure you that you won’t regret it. Sheila Dalziel made a purchase and didn’t regret it; see what she had to say below:

Customer Testimonial of Kemble 2 Seater Rattan Bistro Dining Set In Brown from Laura James

Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set — 9 Seater

Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set - 9 Seater
Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set - 9 Seater - Black

If you fancy a more laid back and casual dinner, the Aston Rattan Corner Sofa Set is right up your alley. It combines the concept of a sofa and a dining table, a modern rendition of the more classic dining table.

It comes in an L-shaped six seater corner sofa and three footstools to make 9, as well as a rectangular glass-topped table. As with most of our offerings, there’s an option for grey, black and mixed brown rattan. It also has 10 centimetres thick foam cushions with polyester covers.

The glass table makes for easy and quick cleaning; if one of your diners makes a mess, it can quickly be dealt with.

This is definitely among the finest quality rattan garden seating their is. The best part? You can sit closer to your favorite people thanks to the corner sofa. Snap up the Aston 9 seater ASAP.

Marston 8 Seater Rattan Dining Set With Cream LED Premium Parasol

Marston 8 Seater Rattan Dining Set With Cream LED Premium Parasol
Marston 8 Seater Rattan Dining Set With Cream LED Premium Parasol - Rattan Garden Furniture - Black

The Marston 8 seater Rattan Dining Set is last but not least on the list of lovely furniture we’ve curated for your summer dinners. The sleek high-back chairs with padded cushions will elevate any deck or terrace they’re put on because of how elegant they are.

The set also comes with a premium LED parasol and its base so that you can enjoy relief on a hot day. The rattan weave on the furniture is strong, so you can be assured that come rain or come shine, your dining set will maintain its pristine form.

Make the Marston set a part of your outdoor dining area.

Why Should You Use Laura James’ Rattan Furniture For Al Fresco Summer Dinners?

  1. The furniture is easy to clean — the weave of rattan that we make is effortless to clean, and the cushions and parasols that come with some of the sets can be wiped down and stored indoors.
  2. Outstanding durability and longevity — the rattan we use to make our furniture is 100% weather resistant. So aside from the summer, it can be out in all the other seasons without being damaged by the elements.
  3. Elegant and well-made intentional pieces — aside from being functional pieces, they’re very pleasing to the eye and are something that anyone would want in their space; our furniture will elevate any space.
  4. Easy to assemble — All Laura James’ pieces are for self-assembling; we send the components to you and you get to put them together. It’s a straightforward process, and within under two hours, you will have everything ready.

At Laura James, we have an eye (and the heart) to make quality, long-lasting furniture pieces for our clients, and our products are at very accessible price points. In addition, our talented team worldwide plays a role in putting together the most beautiful pieces for your selection.

Summer is a beautiful time that we often celebrate with beautiful people we love to be around. The perfect rattan furniture from us will seal the deal and give your summer the luxury and comfort it deserves.

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