Maximizing Small Spaces with a Dining Table Set

Incorporating a Dining Table Set Into a Small Space? Here’s How

As our homes have evolved, the dining room has become a multi-functional space.

But with space costing a premium, the sizes of dining rooms have shrunk significantly. Often, homes don't even have a dedicated dining space anymore.

This does not mean, however, that we’ve lost the need for dining rooms. They’re still a space where many families converge to trade stories and share meals at the end of the day. Dining rooms are also where we entertain and have meaningful conversations.

Though, with limited space, you have to be a bit more creative when setting up your dining room.

Thankfully, you don't need heaps of space to create a charming dining space. It's possible to convert even the smallest box room into an enchanting area for wholesome meals.

So today, we’ll take a look at the different elements you should consider when trying to incorporate a dining table into a small space, including:

  • The type of dining tables to use
  • The different design options
  • Storage solutions to avoid clutter

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Tip 1- Invest in an Extendable Table

white extendable dining table set from Laura James

Paul Extendable Dining Table With 4 Chairs

As is often the case with dining rooms, you likely don't use it at maximum capacity at every meal. Therefore, you don't want to have a massive table needlessly taking up space.

However, you also don't want to get caught out when you need extra space, such as when entertaining. This makes extendable dining tables a genius idea for small spaces.

You can use it in its compact size for the day-to-day and extend it when you need the extra space. The best of both worlds!

“It’s a nice-looking set and the chairs are very comfortable—great for small spaces and looks very stylish.”
Jane Hutton | ★★★★★

At Laura James, we appreciate the need for your furniture to be versatile and flexible for your unique situation—thus, the Paul Extendable Dining Table. This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a small daily diner that will extend to accommodate a dinner party.

The Paul Extendable Dining Table is available in two options—small and large. Here’s a brief table showing the differences between the two.

Dimension Small Large
Height 76.5 cm 76.5 cm
Depth 80 cm 80 cm
Width 80 cm 118 cm
Extended Width 116 cm 158 cm

Tip 2- Pick a Round Dining Table 

Clara Round Dining Table Set
Clara Round Dining Table

Compact dining spaces work better with a round or oval dining table. The curved edge makes the table more functional and allows you to sit more people around the table compared to a more conventional design.

Furthermore, round tables promote sociability since everyone at the table faces towards everyone else, and as we all know, the best conversations are often had over a meal.

For best results, choose a round table with armless chairs to maximise your dining space while keeping the focus off the diminutive room. A great round dining table set that fits this criterion is the Clara glass dining table. 


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Tip 3- Embrace Open Plan Living

dining table with teal Margot dining chairs

Margot Dining Chairs - Set Of 2 - Teal And Brass

With space going for a premium, people are leaning toward a more relaxed approach in their homes; doing away with traditional separate rooms in favour of open-plan living.

Open-plan living allows you to create a small dining space that blends seamlessly into your overall house design. This is further made possible by contemporary design, which embraces a more informal dining space that ties in neatly with the kitchen and living area.

An open-plan scheme can even work for formal dining if you delineate a large enough space.  

When incorporating a dining table set into an open-plan home, consider where and how to implement ‘breaks’ between the kitchen, dining and living areas.

For instance, you can use the dining area as a natural divider between the living space and the kitchen. Just be sure to use furniture with similar design characteristics to ensure unity across the entire space.

Additionally, you need to consider traffic flow across the different areas. People should be free to move easily through the different sections of the open living space.

Tip 4- Introduce a Scandinavian Design Language

Limited space demands that you think outside the box, especially with the design and placement of your dining table set. In our expert opinion, your best bet is to incorporate a Scandinavian design language into your dining room set-up.

Scandinavian home design is all about minimalism—clean spaces with loads of light and organised storage.

To achieve this, first, you need to clear the clutter from your dining space. A dining area that’s crammed full of stuff feels disorderly, busy, and small.

Next, you need to incorporate lots of white, natural elements and consider the form and lines  in the furniture you choose.

We could go into more detail about these, and more design elements of the Scandi style, but we’ve written all about that in: How-to: A Scandinavian Home.

So instead, we’ll do you one better—here are a few of our best Scandinavian-inspired dining table sets perfect for a small space.

Tip 5- Get a Dining Table Set With a Bench

rustic dining table set with a bench and stools

Sheffield Dining Table Set – 4 Seater – Dining Bench And 2 Stools

Benches are great at maximising every inch of available space. You can use them when needed, and when done, you can tuck them under the table, easily freeing up much-needed space.

But, don’t take it at face value; let's consider the Sheffield Dining Table Set from Laura James.

The Sheffield Dining Table Set is inspired by raw elements from old factories and warehouses. It offers an edgy and minimalist design made using wood and a metal frame.

The set easily sits six or four, depending on the size, and comprises:

  • An industrial dining table
  • One bench
  • Two stools

The Sheffield Dining Table Set is made with compact spaces in mind. The bench and stools tuck neatly under the table when not in use, and with no bulky dining chairs, it helps keep your space looking clean and simple.

“... the space in my kitchen for a table is not the biggest, and I wanted something small but didn’t look silly….this is just the perfect size.”
— Lauren Denny | ★★★★★

Tip: You can mix and match different combinations of the benches and stools in the Sheffield range to suit your specific needs.

Tip 6- Embrace Café Culture

small dining table set with two chairs

Paul Extendable Dining Table With 2 Chairs - Small - White

If your dining space is too small for a traditional dining set, why not incorporate a bistro-style dining table instead?

A small, bistro-style table is an great way to incorporate a dining set into a small space. It’s compact enough to fit into almost any tight space, but still provides all the functionality of a dining table.

At Laura James, we have the perfect bistro-style dining table set for the job—the Paul Extendable Dining Table with two chairs.

It's the perfect size for restrictive spaces, ideal for daily use, and will also rise to the challenge for occasional hosting thanks to the extendable design.

Beyond this, the table set adheres to the principles of Scandinavian design, featuring clean lines and a simple style that makes it an elegant addition to any home.

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Elevate Your Small Space With the Best Dining Furniture

At Laura James, we believe that a beautiful living space that inspires you is key to building a happy home. We strive to inspire our customers to create their ideal interiors and create homes that feel like a warm embrace every time you step through the door.

To help you, we provide the most fabulous and functional furniture at an accessible price.

So, if you’re in the market for a dining table set solution that won’t break the bank, look no further than Laura James.

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